12 February 2009

Flames Win 2-0, Kiprusoff Gets Shutout

I was at the Staples Center tonight as the Calgary Flames shutout the Los Angeles Kings, 2-0. I sat in the corner, second row from the glass. Really good seats to see Kipper, I was to the right of him during the first and third periods.

As the Flames came out before puck drop, I waved at them. Since I was at their defensive zone most of the game. I got a nod from the Captain, Jarome Iginla, and a wink form Craig Conroy. AWESOME!!! Before the third, I got eye contact with Miikka Kiprusoff.

Met a few folks that came down from Calgary for the game. I am such a nerd.

Thanks to Lisa and Dave, I got really good seats. Nice scuffle along the boards...right in front of us.

When you get such great seats, you relise how big these guys are. Even Squid looked big.

Mike Cammalleri scored a powerplay goal in the first period, assisted by Todd Bertuzzi and Jarome Iginla.

Rene Bourque (second from left) scored an empty netter to seal the victory for the Flames.

Miikka Kiprusoff with his thirtieth career shutout.


walkinvisible said...

those are insanely good seats, man.... and i have to say that "squid" is effin' genius and i hope it sticks....

did they call him that when he was with the kings ? or did you make it up ??? i'm just looking for some bg...


awildermode said...

They called him "squid", "calamari", and "cammy" when he was here with the Kings.

Also at CalgaryPuck forum, they refer to #13 as "Squid"