07 February 2009

Flames Lose Four Straight

It sucks to be a fan of a particular sports team. Especially one that is losing all time time. Worse yet, one that is streaky as the Calgary Flames. But, I have seen worse from this team. A four game losing streak is nothing to a seven year playoff drought...and not winning when in the playoffs.

I wish I could just be a fan of just the sport and have no bias to which team wins. But really, what is the fun in that? People who say that they have no favourite team are liars and wagon jumpers. I have been a proud Flames fan since I got into hockey. Although there was a time I followed the Flames and whatever team Theoren Fleury was on.

The Flames have one more game at home on Monday with the Canadiens, until they go on a Pacific road trip. It starts with a game in Anaheim then Los Angeles the next night. I will be at that game at Staples Center when they take on the Kings. I really hope the Flames can turn things around by the time I see them. They not only need to improve on their away games, but second of back-to-back games.


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