05 February 2023

2022 NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys - Central Division

2022 NHL Reverse Retros

On to the Western Conference...if you are old school and retro...the Campbell Conference.

Arizona Coyotes

Arizona Coyotes - 8/10

Based on the team's third jersey design from the late 1990's, the designed was originally on a green jersey.  For the 2021 Reverse Retros, Arizona brought back the design on a purple jersey.  Following the use of 'unconventional', but awesome colours, this season we get this design on an orange jersey.  If I was a Coyotes fan and had unlimited funds,  I would be rocking all three designs as a season ticket holder.

In short, these are fantastic.  I love how the organization is having fun with Reverse Retro designs.  They certainly look better and more interesting that their burgundy/howling coyote head phase.  Sometimes teams get it right the first time with their first uniform design.  Those designs limited their options.  What did they do for third jerseys during this period?  Black, just black...black and boring.  Also the position of the head meant the captain's C/A was pushed over to the right side of the jersey.  This just looks dumb.  More on that later.

If you squint a little, these Reverse Retro uniforms look the Duck's Retros from last year.  Orange jersey with black pants. Good thing over 90% of NHL teams do not use orange, but when they do, it (usually) looks great.  Except Philadelphia, see Flyer's entry for more details.

Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks - 2/10

Oh no, what have you done?  Okay, I get it.  It is a throwback to some of the Blackhawk's original jersey designs.  

To my knowledge, the Blackhawks have only used the their regular logo or a modified one (in a circle) on their jerseys.  This is the first time "CHICAGO" has been featured on their uniforms.  Although it may be classified as a third jersey, here is a chance to use their secondary logo on the crest.  Talking about the C with crossed tomahawk logo.  Speaking of tomahawks, maybe do something with Tommy Hawk, like the Ducks did with Wild Wing.  Again, getting into third jersey territory if they did that.  

Remember what I said about Original Six teams and how they are handcuffed to their history?  This is the result of that tradition.  Only hardcore Blackhawk fans are getting this for their collection.  

Colorado Avalanche
Colorado Avalanche - 10/10

Whoa!  Two Reverse Retro designs paying tribute to the Colorado Rockies.  I think the New Jersey Devils did it slightly better.  Of course, the Devils have direct history linked to the Rockies...and they incorporated the correct red pants.

Anyway, this is also a win for the Avalanche.  When the team moved from Quebec to Denver, they kept the 'mountain' theme in their name and logo, as well as the jersey design.  The 'jagged' band that runs from shoulders to wrists form a mountain range.  This template has been part of their jerseys since the beginning, only changing for special uniform designs.

This is not the first time the Avalanche used the Rockies C logo, also seen on the Colorado state flag.  It was first seen on the shoulder, replacing the yeti foot secondary logo, then later as a main logo in one of their Stadium Series games.  The Avalanche has also used the Colorado flag on a third jersey.  The yeti foot logo would be a great logo for a third.

Whether it is the yeti foot logo or Rockies/Colorado flag logo, the Avalanche has great secondary/shoulder logos.  A nice touch to use their main logo on the shoulders for this design.

Hoping for a dark version of this, along with a dark version for the Devils.  Would be great to see a home and home series with the two teams in their Rockies uniforms.

Dallas Stars
Dallas Stars - 6/10

A throwback to their original jersey with the strip running down both arms.  The Stars' inaugural home jerseys where white with a black stripe with green trim (the NHL had white home uniforms).  This was a straight carry over from Minnesota North Stars uniform, with no change to the template.  They added the Texas patches on the shoulder and DALLAS down the side of the pants.  

The main Stars logo was not changed from Minnesota, adding the "Dallas" on top of the logo a season later with slight adjustments to the striping and darker green.  This Reverse Retro design uses the original Stars logo, without the Dallas on top.

Overall, this is an okay design for Dallas.  Their jersey designs have quite average in recent years.  By far their best design was one 'borrowed' from the mid-1990's All-Star jerseys.  Yeah, the Star jersey.  They played with it last season for their first Reverse Retro, but did it in all white.  Like too much white, much like Buffalo's Reverse Retros.  Their current third/alternate jersey is pretty sweet...the one with the neon trim...which also kind of borrows from the 2015 All-Star Jersey.  Hey Dallas, what up with that?

Yo, go with a star jersey in gold with black, green, and white trim. 

Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Wild - 7/10

The dark version of their 2021 Reverse Retros.  The stars on the pants are a great touch, and they saved money and just used pants from last time.  Now, they have the complete set of home and away North Stars tribute uniforms.

One minor design slip up is the Wild logo.  With the green on green, the crest gets lost in the jersey.  This is the same issue the Wild had with their initial dark jerseys since the logo colours (like Philadelphia) do not change.  They 'solved it' later by having a secondary logo for the dark uniforms or adding a light colour band across the torso to pop the dark logo.

The North Stars green jerseys had a white N logo with yellow trim, pointing at a yellow star with white trim.  Not sure what can be done here on the Reverse Retros to make that logo pop.  While you can have white trees and clouds, yellow sun and star...you will end up with a green sky and river.  

By the way, the Wild logo is one of the best logo designs in sports.  It may not work with this template, but it was never designed to be Reverse Retroed.  These uniforms still look great.

Nashville Predators

Nashville Predators - 5/10

Wait, where is the mustard?  And why the "Nashville" on top?  Many made fun of the mustard colour uniforms this design is based on. But, the mustard was the best part.  The problem is the logo, which is a step down from their main one...one that is a big step down from the similar Wild logo. 

The wordmark is also unnecessary,  especially one with the city...on a home jersey.  I think people in Nashville, know they are in Nashville.  At least they did not bring back that stupid flat-bottom-v neck line from the mustard jersey.  Speaking of flat-bottom-v, do they still use that to sharpen skates?

Cool that they brought back something from their history.  They took away the part of those jerseys that made them stand out in the first place...the mustard.  Replacing the mustard with their yellow is okay, but what if they took their original jersey template, with main logo, and made it mustard?

St. Louis Blues

St. Louis Blues - 10/10

Okay, I like this.  Yeah, I know it steps away from the "blue" theme.  But the team is named after the music genre (actually a song, but you know what I mean) and not the colour.  The organisation has a great history of uniforms and logos and have identify themselves as "blue".

Although the gloves are a little too dark, but that might just be from Warrior.  Too lazy to find a better picture. You know how long it takes to find good pictures of these Reverse Retros on ice, in full body, and shows most of the design?  Anyway, helmet is a perfect match, and that is from Warrior...what gives?  The pants are a perfect match as well.  Because, CCM.  Great overall look in the uniform.

A lot is working on this uniform. Using the original unused St. Louis Blues logo and template is fantastic.  Love the retro logo...true retro, from 1966.  Choosing yellow as a base with blue trim is a bonus for me, as it looks like Team Sweden.  

For next time, you know what we all want.  Make it happen and give us the trumpets!

Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets - 9/10

This is pretty much what we all wanted when the Reverse Retros came out in 2021.  We all had to wait another year to get this.  Worth the wait.  

Okay, I am being a little nitpicky.  But, there should be a some red trim.  Just on the logo, a red circle, just like the old logo.  Otherwise, perfect!

Perhaps the next Reverse Retro, they can do something with the Atlanta Thrashers templates, colours and logos.  That would be the bomb.

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