21 January 2023

2023 NHL Reverse Retro All-Star Jerseys


2023 NHL All-Star Jerseys

The NHL just released these jerseys a few days ago.  I guess I should do a quick write up on this before we get to the Western Conference Reverse Retros.  Actually, I have them already written, Central Division will be released in February and Pacific Division will be posted in March. I know, you are dying of anticipation.

Like many of you, I had forgotten about he All-Star Game all together.  As with tradition, the format is changed every year.  This year, it seems like the NHL picks one player from each team.  That way, we have at least one member from each team...and no one gets left out...and everyone is happy.  

Then, there is fan voting to complete the rosters.  A good way for fans to pad the ballots and get half their team into their respected division.  Nothing like a third-liner at an All-Star Game, a la All-Star MVP John Scott.  

Well, there you have it. The All-Star Jerseys, a throwback to the mid-1990's design...but, you know, Reverse Retroed.

But wait, the competition format has not changed (that I am aware of). Heck, I had to look up where the game is hosted this year.  Florida, in case you had no idea either.  Anyway, for the past few seasons, the All-Star Game has been a tournament style format between the four divisions.  But, there are only two jerseys?  May I suggest something?

Remember the McDonald's NHL All-Star Muppets?  

McDonald's NHL All-Star Muppets

This should be your Eastern Conference.  Yeah, change the colours a little, maybe more green on Kermit's jersey.  Or, go with orange or yellow for one Division and blue for the other.

McDonald's NHL All-Star Muppets

Then you can have something like this for the Western Conference.  Pick your four colours, mix in a little Reverse Retro powder and you have four jerseys to sell.  Just swap the word mark with the division and you are set...or just keep it as "Muppets".

Oh...wait for it...then use black (Eastern) and white (Western) jerseys for the final game.  Do that.

Then, next year Dallas can 'borrow' this design again. 

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