01 August 2022


1 August 2022

  310-261-7455  Santa Monica, CA - Starting early.  First day of the month and we get a call.  July was a relatively slow month.  Maybe the heat of the Summer is getting to these bots...maybe not.  Here we go for August.  Fuck you!

  424-888-0688 - Desperately trying to get us to respond with his bullshit


Come on!  Everyone knows that the proper way to get responses is to send nudes.  Fuck you!

5 August 2022
  412-282-3870 Pittsburgh, PA - While this may seem like a possible wrong number butt text, you know we are leaning towards scamming through cold calling or cold texting.

Spoiler alert:  There is no one here named Lucile.  Although, there is a nice barbeque place with the same name.  Some barbeque would be nice, but we get this shit message, instead.  

Maybe we just show up to the pool party.  Fuck you!

6 August 2022
  310-644-1707  Hawthorne, CA -  Fuck you!

8 August 2022
  310-299-4023  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh, you must be one of those telemarketers with a spoofed number. Fuck you!

10 August 2022
  310-309-6501  Santa Monica, CA - "Quirks Marketing Research" comes up in a search.  What does that tell you?  Fuck you!

  732-779-0359  Toms River, NJ - Normally, when we get a unique name like "Toms River" we go off on stupid tangents about how goofy the name is.  Like, why is it "Toms" and not "Tom's"?  Was there some clerical error in documenting the name?  How does Tom feel about this?

Luckily, we got a voicemail, so we can analyze it...but not analyze too deep, since we are really stuck on who Tom was.


Spoiler Alert:  We do not have an existing account with Comcast Xfinity.  So, being qualified for 50% off is highly unlikely.  How about you give everyone 50% off telemarketing shit?  We can assure you that everyone is qualified for it.  Nice try, fuck you!

11 August 2022
  213-861-2798  Los Angeles, CA - Guess what...search results:  Robocaller Warning!  We are not surprised.  Fuck you!

  564-465-7468  Orting, WA - You know the drill.  Spam Risk and Call Protect.  Fuck you!

16 July 2022


 Something a little different.  Forget death and taxes as the two certain things.  In this day and age, spam and telemarketing calls are all the rage. 

We just spent a few a few hours going through our Junk Mail folder and unsubscribed to many of those random advertisements.  As they are coming in, we would unsubscribe, going through hundreds of spam emails.  Slow day at work.  Of course this is just an experiment, just like that Do Not Call List, that does not really work.  After a few...well two...we noticed that most of the spam comes from a few sources.  

By clicking 'unsubscribe' in the email, most of them take you to this link.  Very generic, very easy. 

Of course, by entering an email, we probably subscribed to a bunch of other junk mailing list.  Anyway, the next screen is what we found interesting.

Translation to what they are really saying.  "Your email address was sold and we acquired it.  While you may have unsubscribed to this advertisement, you have been put on many others.  If there is an issue, here is ridiculously long email address that you can write to.  Good luck with that."

Very doubtful that this will work.

While this is the generic version.  Some more specific version will have their company name on the top of the page.  Same format, enter address.  But the proceeding screen will have a disclaimer saying that it may take 48-72 hours to finish the process.  Some even say "allow up to 10 days to remove".

What?  That is fucking bullshit.  Some of the confirmation pages give you bullshit like "allow 3 business days".  Uh, we are receiving this shit on the weekend.  For spamming and telemarketing, everyday is a business day.  We live in a world that is instant.  How many times have you ordered something from a new site and immediately get put on a mailing list?  You get three emails once your transaction is complete.  Welcome to, Order Number, Save 15%.  That 'Save 15%' is your confirmation that you are on their mailing list. Instant!

Fuck you!

04 July 2022


We had a nice little break since our last call, a good three days of peace and quite.  It seemed like the telemarketers were taking the holiday weekend to celebrate Canada Day.  But, here were are on Independence Day with our first call of the month

4 July 2022

  +48 22 613 51 33  Warsaw, Masovian, Poland - Wow, this is truly an international event. This number tracks to a driving school in Warsaw that is 'temporarily closed'.  No doubt gone of  business due to global pandemic. 

Using numbers from out of service businesses to conduct telemarketing activities. Fuck you!

  310-849-4456  Beverly Hills, CA - ...and we are back to using the Beverly Hills numbers, again.  Fuck you!

  310-849-9589  Beverly Hills, CA - Here we go.  This is going to a the month packed of calls from Beverly Hills.  Fuck you!

5 July 2022

  213-547-4696 - Oh, this is the good stuff.  This is the rare occasion when they come up with something new to try to hook you in.  Be careful out there.  Check out this text:


We have some things that stand out, and we consider questionable.  Too many questionable things.

- What is "B zero A"?  This is not an "O", that is a zero.

- Aaron G?  No last name?  

- $551.5?  The proper way is to write it out, like this:  $551.50

- That IP address looks like it is somewhere in the Netherlands.  How many people in Netherlands are named Aaron?

- Of course, we checked that number.  It does not exist.  One would thing that a helpline would pop up on any search.  Also, proper formatting of a phone number calls for a hyphen between the "1" and "area code".

Oh, and call back number (helpline) does not match text origin number.  Fuck you!

7 July 2022

  +48 22 613 51 33  Warsaw, Masovian, Poland - Wait, is someone from Poland really trying to reach us?  We got this under "Silenced Call" and flagged by Call Protect as a Spam Risk, so we are leaning towards not.  Fuck you!

8 July 2022

  424-217-3283  Los Angeles, CA - Well, at least this was not a call from Poland.  Fuck you!

14 July 2022

  631-714-7163  Patchogue, NY - How does one respond to this?


It is situations like this when we want to reply with a dick pic.  Fuck you!

15 July 2022

  ujxxby@outlook.com - As the kid's say these days, "this looks a bit sus".


Is it even possible to order items without filling out a a shipping address?  This message came via text.  One would think that proper communications channels is via email.  Fuck you!

18 July 2022

  619-263-4888  San Diego, CA - Is this week San Diego Comic Con?  Why would anyone in San Diego be calling us?  Fuck you!

20 July 2022

  323-647-4566  Los Angeles, CA - Typical cold call.  Although they tried to leave a message, nothing came through.  Obviously, a robocall.  Fuck you!

26 July 2022

  310-897-2727  Gardena, CA - Initial search comes up with two results.  All signs point to this being a spoofed number.  Fuck you!

27 July 2022

  +49 69 0224 7697  Germany - We are a little rusty on our Deutsch, but was excited to see that there was a voice message.  Then disappointment, as the message was choppy.  Perhaps they were calling from a pay phone in Frankfurt.  

Also, from what we can hear, it did not sound German. Just sounded like English, "press one for..." auf Deutsch, bitte!  Darn, would have been nice to hear that this international call was all about.  Fick dich!

01 June 2022


 Last time we left off, we were in a bit of a cliffhanger.  Will we get a call from that number again?  Will they call twice within three minutes?  Will they do that twice?  Answers we need, not answers we deserve.

1 June 2022

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA -  Here we go, again!

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA -  Picking up where they left off yesterday, this will be ten calls in a row from this same number.  Will they continue the pattern and call again in a few hours?


Fuck you!

  949-264-7956 - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - A break in the pattern.  Another Spam Risk call.  Note the last four digits match the other number.  Coincidence?  Yeah, probably.  But, in this situation of telemarketers...maybe they got all the '7965' numbers.  Either way, fuck you!

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA -  And, there it is.

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA - Same pattern of two calls in 2-3 minutes, then again in a few hours.  Gee, you think this shit is automated?


Tune in tomorrow, we expect two more pair of calls.  Fuck you!

  458-241-1819  Phoenix, OR - Wow, busy day.  And yes, that is Phoenix, Oregon...not Arizona.  That must be confusing.  Wait, are there 'fake towns' like this, located across the country, that host telemarketers?  Some sort of bizzaro world or upside down?  Fuck you!

emmaolivia9521@outlook.com - Late night text via email.  Seems legit, right?


There are some grammatical errors that make this confusing to read.  We just want to know if there is sex involved.  Fuck you!

2 June 2022

  319-474-4975  Brandon, IA - Now, they are using random numbers.  Same old cold calling techniques.  Nothing fancy like sexual massages.  Fuck you!

  308-222-8592  Miller, NE -  Of course, spoofed numbers are the go to for telemarketers. Fuck you!

  213-309-0255   - We got one of these last month from a different number.   They were also a few days early with the scam.


Good that we got a sneak peek of this a few days ago.  Now we know it is a scam.  Fuck you!

3 June 2022

  716-675-4030  Buffalo, NY - Ugh, looks like someone from Buffalo got their number spoofed by telemarketers.  Fuck you!

  515-348-0398  Des Moines, IA - Three days in and June looks like it is going to be quite a month.  What is going on?  Summer interns at the telemarketer call centers?  Do robots get interns?  Fuck you!

  424-414-4321  Inglewood, CA -  This is an interesting number.  It is a kind of number you can easily give out to someone, whether it be a bar, business meeting, television commercial, etc.  Look how easy it is to remember.  If this number was not a telemarketer number, one would wager this number would be receiving a lot of cold calls.  Fuck you!

4 June 2022

  530-645-2931  - This could be a wrong number or a booty call.  


More likely, a cold text.  Fuck you!

6 June 2022

  515-220-0874  Cambridge, IA - Interesting that we get a call from Iowa on the anniversary of D-Day.  Fuck you!

  308-222-8592  Miller, NE - We have a return caller. Well, we get a lot of those.  But, in doing a quick search as we sometimes, our blog...this blog...came up as a result.  Fuck you!

9 June 2022

  319-727-2627  Coggon, IA - Another call from Iowa?  Something his happening in that Iowa/Nebraska area.  Alien invasion?  Nah, worse.  Telemarketer invasion.  Fuck you!

10 June 2022

  noreply... - This text came from an email address so long, we could not even get a to the domain.  Textbook 'cat walking on keyboard' login name.

Note that the text came in at 06:42, which only gave us about 18 minutes to get to the event venue...for a thirty minute session.  Yeah, probably not going to make it before everything ends.  Fuck you!

  310-853-3092 Culver City, CA - We have a message and not to our surprise, it is full of contradictions:

Call from Culver City, talking about a real estate team in Hermosa Beach with a call back number from somewhere in Michigan.  Fuck you!

  469-423-4908  Blue Ridge, TX - Who in the Blue Ridge are you? 

Fuck you!

  308-222-8592  Miller, NE -  Busy day, with an early morning text and three calls...and a return caller.  You guys should recognise this number.

Just what the fuck does Miller, Nebraska want from us?  Fuck you!

13 June 2022
  442-221-5744  Benton, CA - Shit you find out when one searches for Benton, CA. Benton has a population of  244 people.  Is the whole town infested with telemarketers?  Come on, people of Benton.  You can hunt down these telemarketers.

Also, there seems to be two area codes assigned to Benton 442 and 760.  Dude, you have 244 people, do you really need more area codes than all of Northern Canada?  Fuck you!

14 June 2022
  458-658-0734  Medford, OR - Wow, this is a packed month.  Getting call almost everyday, and getting them from various parts of the country.  Looking forward to what the world of telemarketing brings to us tomorrow.  Not really.  Fuck you!

15 June 2022
  319-589-1252  Alburnett, IA - Another call from Iowa...and another:  Fuck you!

  308-222-8592  Miller, NE - We got another return caller.  Always a blast when we start to type this number in a search and it autofills the rest. Fuck you!

16 June 2022
  502-783-7519  Frankfort, KY - What the fuck is this shit?


"Hi"?  That is all you got?  No introduction like, "Hey, this is Solomon Bates from SFTI...".  Fuck you!

  319-220-2521  Central City, IA - Wait, Central City is where The Flash runs around.  Funny, on TV, Central City looks a lot like Vancouver.  Iowa wishes it was was British Columbia.  Fuck you!

18 June 2022
    308-222-8592  Miller, NE -  This is the fifth call from this number, this month.  


Fuck you!

20 June 2022
  469-717-2974  Josephine, TX - Of course, we did a little research on Josephine.  A tiny city northeast area of Texas.  With Texas being so huge at almost 269 square miles, Josephine covers less than 2 square miles.

Its population according to the 2010 census was 812.  In 2019, the population jumped to an estimated 2094.  That is a lot of people to cram in 1.88 square miles.  How many of those 'new' residents are telemarketers?  Fuck you!

  510-898-6689  Berkeley, CA - Robocall with a robo message.  Fuck you!

22 June 2022
  347-979-6330 - This is the new format.  Trying to make it look legit by having a pretty picture, with pretty logo.  One could almost be fooled.  

But, it is late June and you are now just telling my billed has been paid?  Again, that link looks very sketchy.  Fuck you!

  830-990-2235  Fredericksburg, TX -  Totally off topic, but Fredericksburg reminds us of that Otisburg scene in Superman...classic!

Anyway, fuck you!

  308-222-8592  Miller, NE -  Number six for the month.  Fuck you!

  140100006 - Ugh, another one of these.  The good news is, these are so poorly formatted, it is not even worth the time to read. 


Shall we break it down?  We will keep it shot.  First, the number this originates from is highly questionable.  We doubt that any legit company uses "support.com" as their domain.  Why is this formatted like an email?  TinyURL?  Really?  Do you really think Wells Fargo uses TinyURL?  Fuck you!

  614-594-9207 - The fuck is this shit?


Fucking hate this vague 'cold texting' bullshit...acting like you know us.  "Oh hey, Bill...Good afternoon".  Nah, bro!  Fuck you!

  mahmudmdshohag93@gmail.com - Another mass text from an email.  Coming in late at night.


Note that there are 21 recipients, we checked...there are way more.  There are a list of sequential phone numbers, so who knows how many 'cold texts recipients' were targeted.  Fuck you!

27 June 2022
  657-335-9402 - We got another one of the text

Oh, our June bill has been paid?  And, we get a reward?  Instead of a reward, how about you just fuck off!

  310-828-6472  Santa Monica, CA - Fun fact:  Santa Monica cops are some of the best at issuing tickets.  They have been known to issue tickets for things like missing front plates and other minor 'infractions'....to parked vehicles.  Seems like they have expanded to telemarketing.  Fuck you!

28 June 2022

  515-338-5994  Ellsworth, IA - What is it with fucking Iowa?  Fuck you!

30 June 2022
  579-803-7963  Lachute, Quebec, Canada - This call comes all the way from Canada.  It is the end of the month of June...which means tomorrow is Canada Day! Double holiday for those with dual citizenship or have friends and families in both countries.  

Cops are writing tickets to meet their quotas and prepare for the holiday weekend.   Perhaps the same applies to telemarketers to meet their number of scams for the month.  Have a save holiday, and fuck you!

02 May 2022


May!  Here we go...

2 May 2022

  925-659-5503  San Ramon, CA -  Quick robomessage to start out the month.


 No idea what they are pushing, but we do not need it.  And, there is a good chance that this is a scam.  Fuck you!

9 May 2022
  310-207-3548  Los Angeles, CA - We love these kind of calls.  They leave a message, but our outgoing message is to long that none of their stupid message got through.  Ha, fuck you!

We interrupt this blog for a quick message.  Check out these videos on pranking scammers:

Yeah, a lot to watch but what else are you going to do...work?

10 May 2022
  1410200503 -  Ah, the good old "your account is locked" gimmick. 


We could go into detail of the telltale signs that this not legit, but by now everyone knows.  Fuck you!

11 May 2022
  806-860-0007 - Well, that is an interesting number.  Just interesting enough to be flagged as a Spam Risk and caught by Call Protect.  Also, confusing to have 806, then 860.  Fuck you!

12 May 2022
  856-931-4609  Bellmawr, NJ - Oh, there is no typo there.  Bellmawr is a city in New Jersey.  Yeah, we totally thought it was Bill Maher.

Actually, a spoofed telemarketing call from Bellmawr is better than a call from Bill Maher. So, we broke even on that.  Still, fuck you!

  215-452-4539  Philadelphia, PA - Textbook cold call.  Fuck you!

  847-451-0598  Franklin Park, IL - Busy day.  Is there some sort of telemarketers convention, today?  Fuck all y'all!

17 May 2022
  626-560-8415  Alhambra, CA - While this could be a legit wrong number, we like to err on the side of caution and file this under telemarketer.  Fuck you!

20 May 2022
  831-524-3247  Hollister, CA -  Oh, Hollister...like that Abercrombie and Fitch store?  Their headquarters is in Ohio, no where near the central coast of California.   All about the image.  Fuck you! 

  434-823-6991  Crozet, VA - A small town in the middle of Virginia....where no one suspects there to be any telemarketers.  Today, small town America.  Tomorrow, all of America.  Wait, too late.  Fuck you!

25 May 2022
  909-465-0880 - Chino, CA - Chino, like the pants?  Here is something interesting.  Chino is the Spanish word for China.  It just happens, the cotton pants back in the day...and now...were sourced from China.  During the Spanish-American War, American armed forces stationed in Philippines got these awesome cotton pants, and the name stuck.

That may or may not have anything to do with the city of Chino.  We did not dig too deep.  But at least now, you know about the pants.  

Anyway, this is another spoofed call on the 45th Anniversary of the release of Star Wars.  How dare you? Fuck you!

  562-384-2975  Lakewood, CA - Yawn...another Spam Risk call, also caught by Call Protect.  Yawn.  Fuck you! 

27 May 2022
  adrienneagnes53@hotmail.com - Like most people, at 3:33AM, we are sound asleep.  Although...


These are great to see.  While it is something different, it is the same shit.  The beauty of these is the way they are worded to get us all hot and horny.  

"Just send a message and ask to fuck"

How sexy is that?  Who is not turned on at 3:33 in the morning with that?  

Fuck you!  Wait, should we phrase that in a form of a question?  Fuck you?

28 May 2022
  469-974-2109 - Not just a plain old text from Plano, TX.  Okay, you got admit, that was pretty good.

Anyway, we finally got another one of those "you paid your bill, here is a gift" texts.


Look how beautiful this one is.  Sure, we have dealt with scams like this before. But, this one has a cute little picture that makes it so convincing.  Wow, even our May payment was received and it is not even the end of the month. Do we get those few days for free, or is this a telemarketing scam?

Oh, you bet we did a search on the number of origin.  Spoiler alert, not AT&T.  Fuck you!

30 May 2022
  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA - One...

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA -  Two...

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA - Three...

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA - Four.  Four calls from this number.  Back to back calls over three minutes, twice.  Are we to expect another set of calls every six hours?


Not shown in image, but this was also double blocked by Call Protect.  How was your Memorial Day?  Fuck you!

31 May 2022
  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA - So, we are doing this? 

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA  - Again?

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA -  Back to back calls

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA -  Back to back days


That is eight calls in two days, following a similar pattern from yesterday.  Tune in tomorrow for another series of four calls.

Fuck you!

08 April 2022


 Been slow lately.  Perhaps the tax season has an impact on the telemarketing industry.  In the past, we have received calls during tax season, offering 'help'.  Any opportunity to exploit the masses.

6 April 2022

  424-240-5953  Hawthorne, CA - Nothing came up on a search. But, we are not taking any chances.  Our default setting is to mark this as a telemarketer and/or scam call. So, fuck you!

10 April 2022

  mdsayeed01778@gmail.com - Coming in early on a Sunday morning...and we mean early.  Another one of those mass texts from a fake email address, with a very questionable link.


Nothing new here.  Just recycling old spam tactics.  Which brings us to recycling this:  Fuck you!

11 April 2022

  865-690-2101  Knoxville, TN - We did a search, this is another spoofed number.  How does one get their number spoofed?  There sure are a lot of these.  If you really think about it, the system does not really work. Like, why would anyone answer the phone from an unknown number?  Most people, like us, are not that important that we constantly get calls from all over the country.  

"Oh, and unknown number. Maybe I should answer it"  Fuck you!

  sabihn333yesmin333@gmail.com - Interesting.  Looks like these are from the same assholes that sent the text yesterday.  


It almost looks like they combined two log in names to form a new one.  We also have a typical pattern of picking some letters, perhaps a word or name, then added some numbers to create a new address in gmail.  This could be a new trend in the coming months of texts from generated gmail address.  Fuck you!

12 April 2022

  909-245-4564  Crestline, CA -  Another innocent (or, is it) number being spoofed by telemarketers.  Fuck you!

13 April 2022

  verify-n@unionbank.com - This seems legit.  But, official communication from a something like this does go from email to text.  One would get a text from a legit number, not an email address.


To really make sure, perhaps we can click the link, pretty sure it is totally legit, and "verify our identity and secure our account".  Or, we can just log onto our account the usual way, maybe call the bank to verify.  Oh one more thing, we do no have an account with Union Bank.  Fuck you!

16 April 2022
   661-467-0064  Santa Clarita, CA - According to our sources (really, just a quick search on Google), this is a robocall.  Like, no shit!  Good to see traditional robacalling from a 'registered' number and not spoofing an innocent number.  Still, and as always, fuck you!

18 April 2022
  310-849-6874 - Beverly Hills, CA - Going old school with another Beverly Hills number.  You know what happens when you go old school...the phone labels you as Spam Risk, and your call gets intercepted by Call Protect.  Total failure.  Fuck you!

20 April 2022
  310-322-8707  El Segundo, CA - Another spoofed number. We noticed that most of these spoofed numbers are registered to the elderly.  Usually someone in their 60's-70's.  Messing with old people is pretty low. Fuck you!

  315-435-8404  Syracuse, NY - Is this another Spoofy McSpoofface?  Could be.  Fuck you!

22 April 2022
  714-923-1460  Orange, CA - Happy Earth Day!  Here is a robocall with a robomessage, early in the morning.


What is the environmental impact of  telemarketers?  For sure they are wasting energy and resources.  Just think of how much better the planet would be without telemarketers.  Fuck you!

25 April 2022
  619-353-9998  Jacumba ,CA -  This is good number to have, if you were legit.  It rolls off the tongue very easily and easy to remember.


Sadly, this is another robocall with a robomessage.  A waste of a good number.  Fuck you!

29 April 2022
  310-830-4161  Los Angeles, CA - Getting those last minute calls in before the end of the month.  Here is another spoofed number, brought to you by your local telemarketer.  Fuck you!

02 March 2022


 We hope to see new 'techniques' from telemarketers this month, maybe some older routines.  Come on, get creative.

2 March 2022

  972-564-6613  Forney, TX -  This is what We are referring to.  Same old textbook boring telemarketing call.  

We looked up Forney.  Seems like a cool place to live. Located East of Dallas.  Easy to get in to the big city do your thing and escape back home and chill.  But, y'all have telemarketers there.  Fuck y'all

5 March 2022

  937-748-3741 Franklin, OH - Come on, guys.  You need to get more creative than just spoofing a number.  Fuck you!

7 March 2022

  423-775-7113  Dayton, TN - So, we are just going back to cold calling with spoofed numbers?  Fuck you!

9 March 2022

  562-352-1134  La Habra, CA - Robocall with a robo-message.  You know, one of those really 80's sounding robot voices, like in War Games.  "Would you like to play a game?"


Yes, how about Global Thermonuclear War?  Fuck you!

11 March 2022
  +86(21) 5923 1508  Shanghai, China -  Whoa!  All the way from Shanghai.  No effort to spoof the number.  Straight up long distance call.

+86(21) 5923 1508

 The voicemail is obviously in Chinese, but fun to see how the phone transcribes the message.  Or, maybe it translated the message for us.  Either way, pretty cool to get a call from China...not really.  Fuck you!

12 March 2022
  jessicacookh@outlook.com - Finally, a booty call


Just what is a "gumtree of sex"?  Fuck you!

14 March 2022
  870-869-2324  Imboden, AR - Interesting results came up when we did a quick search on this number.  The number is apparently owned by a church in Arkansas. Funny, the name "Imboden" sounds like a word from the 'sacred text'.  Like "Adam hath imboden his cock upon Eve".  Fuck you!

21 March 2022
  480-360-7413  Phoenix, AZ - Wow, a week since our last call.  That must be some kind of record.  According to a quick search, this is number belongs to a roofing company in Arizona.  So this is either a spoofed call or  they have no idea that we are way out of  that jurisdiction.  Also, we had a new roof installed a few years back, we good.  Fuck you! 

23 March 2022
  618-822-2309  Kell, IL - We usually look up the number, but seeing it it was from out of town, we figured it was a your typical telemarketer call.  But, we looked up Kell, IL.  Funny to see "village in Illinois"...and they do mean village.  The population in Kell (2019) is 155 people.  

In a small village like that 'everyone knows everyone'.  Well, do you guys know you have a telemarketer in the village?  Fuck you!

  310-542-5710  Redondo Beach, CA - They left a message:


Nope.  Fuck you!

24 March 2022
  727-539-6051 Clearwater, FL - A call from Clearwater?  We have a pretty good idea what they are selling.  Are telemarketers allowed to talked to SP's?  Fuck you!

28 March 2022
  818-301-5826  Los Angeles, CA -  This is one of those flagged by the phone and intercepted by Call Protect.  Typical boring stuff...and a typical boring fuck you!

31 March 2022
  419-884-7029  Lexington, OH - Spoofy McSpoofface. Fuck you!

01 February 2022


 Here we go!  What possible trends will we be seeing this month?  Traditional spoofed numbers, free gifts for paying bills, sexy fun time?  Shorter month, better get your game on!

1 February 2022

  302-454-7679  Newark, DE - So, we are starting the month the a traditional spoofed number call.  Good move, since it usually takes time to process bills.  It would be way too responsible to us to pay our bill before the first of the month.  Although, that would be reason for one to get a free gift. Fuck you!

  213-737-1559  Los Angeles, CA - Boring, labeled as Spam Risk.  Boring, caught by Call Protect.  Just boring.  Come on, how are you supposed to work your scam with these boring ass tactics?  Fuck you!

3 February 2022

  408-647-1442  Saratoga, CA - We got a "Spam Risk" from the phone, Call Protect interception...and a robo voicemail.  That is a telemarketers hat trick!


"Did you guess.."  The correct answer is:  Fuck you!

   83244 - Uh, what kind of number is that?  Well, the exciting news is we got a newly formatted text:


How does one qualify as a Class B Safe Driver?  We have never operated any Class B vehicle, therefore, no accidents/citations...therefore, safe driver.  In that case, we should totally qualify for being a safe pilot for military aircraft.  Fuck you!

  310-373-6462  Redondo Beach, CA - We kicking it old school, today?  Another Spam Risk, Call Protect, and voicemail.  


Multiple calls today.  Classic telemarketing.  Fuck you!

4 February 2022

  213-737-1559  Los Angeles, CA - Hey, we remember you from a few days ago.  You know damn well this number has been flagged by the phone and Call Protect.  Worse, even we remember the number.  Try something new.  Fuck you!

8 February 2022

   213-737-1559  Los Angeles, CA  - Oh shit, you again!  We need to stop meeting like this.  This is the third time this month.  Some might say you are stalking us.  Fuck you!

  877-496-1900 -  A quick search shows that this is from "Franklin American Mortgage Company, But, according to RoboKiller, "This is a Scam Call".  Fuck you!

  emmaolivia1332@hotmail.com - Late night booty call from "emmaolivia1332".  


So, replying with a dick pic is totally okay, right?  Takes this in the way it is intended...Fuck you!

9 February 2022

  410-200-502  - One of  those weird incomplete numbers.  


Oh, coming it at exactly 10:00.  How much more bot can this be?  None more bot.  Fuck you!

  770-428-7774 Mableton, GA - Spoofy McSpoofface.  Fuck you!

  213-737-1559  Los Angeles, CA - Maybe we should block this number.  Fourth call, this month.  Fuck you!

11 February 2022
  808-737-6018  Honolulu, HI - Been a while, about two months, since we have heard from Hawai'i.  At least it is change from the usual band of idiots.  Fuck you!

  213-737-1559  Los Angeles, CA - Hey, it has been 24 hours since we heard from...oh never mind.  Fuck you!

14 February 2022

  310-599-4895  Compton, CA - We have seen a similar number to this before, so we know it is a spoofed number from Compton.  Still, fuck you!

  310-827-5329  Los Angeles, CA - Another call from the Los Angeles area.  This one coming in about an hour after the first one.  It just happened that we checked out phone at 12:34, so we snapped a photo of the two numbers that were ignored. Fuck you!

  16 February 2022

  310-599-3217  Compton, CA - Boy, there must have been a good deal on these "Compton" numbers at the Telemarketer Depot.  Fuck you!

  816-358-6179  Kansas City, MO - Pattern breaker!  Fuck you!

18 February 2022

  323-794-0524  Los Angeles, CA - Yeah, another Spam Risk.  But, they left a message...a long message.  Robo messages usually start a few seconds after one picks up and says, 'hello'.  We have a long outgoing message, designed to cut off a robo message.  If you are human, you would have to wait until our intro ended before you can leave your full message. 

Typical "your vehicle warranty has expired" scam.  Classic.   If the company does not exist, do they still offer warranties on used cars?  Fuck you!

22 February 2022
  najscnder@gmail.com - Looks like we got another one of those 'job' offers,  This one from "Aqua water".  Is that like "The La Brea Tar"?


So many questions and comments.  How small is this 'small space'?  You know a lot of us are still working from home, so our daily route is from the bedroom to the home office.  Although that $650 a week sounds really good.  How do you know we even have a vehicle that would be suitable for advertising?

Why do you need our full name?  One would think you might want to know what kind of vehicle we drive...and how small.  What is my 'vehicle' of choice is a unicycle?  Would that work?  What if we have a really long name...and it is hyphenated?

Wait, hold on, this seems like it could be a scam.  Fuck you!

23 February 2022
  341-201-3495  Fremont, CA - It is times like this when we remember a great quote from The Rock.

"Who in the blue hell, are you?

We also remember a quote from us...fuck you!

27 February 2022
  818-895-0103  Los Angeles, CA - Well, this is interesting.  We got a voicemail with music, as if we were on hold.


Over 30 seconds of tunes before they disconnected the line.  So, telemarketers are cold calling people and making them wait to get scammed?  Fuck you!

01 January 2022


 We do know why we keep doing this.  There really is no point to all of this.  But, here we are again, another month, another year.

1 January 2022

  dulcedevallet3492@hotmail.com - Wasting no time, and coming in the the first day of the year...we have this gem. 


We are fascinated by these creative names for email address. Fuck you!

3 January 2022

   f73w4yw8@aol.com - We can go to our usual banter about the email address, or the mass distributions list.  


But, sending this at 2:16 AM is a bit rude.  Fuck you!

4 January 2022
  770-539-6628  Gainsville, GA - First call of the year from a number...again, most likely a spoofed number.  But, nice to see that traditional telemarketing is back in the game. Fuck you!

  kalama9900@gmail.com - Well, that did not take long


Maybe "Kalama 9900" is the name of the machine that generates these texts to hundreds of people.  Four days in to the month and we have three of these, only taking off on a Sunday. Fuck you!

5 January 2022
  512-447-0472  Austin, TX - Okay, we think there is a pattern developing.  At least for this week. Start the day with call from a spoofed number, then follow up with a text from random email address.  On the edge of our seats waiting for that text.  Fuck you!

  346-295-4970  Houston, TX - We have waited about a week for this.  First 'free gift' for paying our December bill.


First Austin, now Houston.  Surely Dallas is next.  Maybe tomorrow, since this came in at almost 10PM.  Who knows, we have been known to receive calls/texts at 2AM.  Fuck you!

8 January 2022
  888-731-1749 - One of those Saturday morning calls that we all love.  Remember back in the day, when you looked forward to Saturday Morning Cartoons?  Now, we have to deal with Saturday morning telemarketer calls.  Fuck you!

  346-295-5537 - Ha, check this one out:


What browsing history?  Basically a history of searches for numbers that text or call us.  Wait, is this the virus you are talking about?  Fuck you!

11 January 2022
  310-599-1001  Compton, CA - Ha!  These guys call so much, we immediately recognized the 310-599-xxxx number.  Welcome back, and fuck you!

12 January 2022
  amysnmay888@gmail.com - Fucking 5:40 AM!  Uh, 'tight wet juicy ready to play'?  Wait, water balloons?


Need to address the email address...see what I did there?  "amysnmay888" sounds so Asian.  So, Asian water balloons?  Fuck you!

  904-268-8474  Jacksonville, FL - Going old school with this one.  Another number spoofed by telemarketers. Fuck you!

14 January 2022

  332-262-8129  New York - At least this is something new.  As far as we can tell, one does not need to 'update membership' with Netflix.  There is no "membership".  When they change terms, it automatically 'updates' your account.  Either you are subscribed to their service, or not.  


Well...same shit, different asshole. Fuck you!

  833-830-3692 - Yes, three times.  Caught by Call Protect


Here is something interesting we found whilst doing a quick search.  The 833 area code is not assigned to any region, as it is assigned to toll free number, much like 800, 877, 888, etc. numbers.  While we did not find anything on this number in our search, the fact that Call Protect blocked this, automatically puts this in the telemarketer category.  Calling three times in less than a minute did not do them any favours. Fuck you!

15 January 2022
  301-353-1626  Rockville, MD - Damn, they named a city after Dwayne Johnson?  Fuck you!

16 January 2022
  619-709-9430  San Diego, CA - You fools are behind.  We are half way into January and this only the second 'free gift' text.


We have had plenty of other more creative scams this month, and they have been more consistent.  Get your shit together.  Fuck you!

  951-526-5748  Temecula, CA - Well, you get what you asked for. 


Coming in at 11:57PM...and what is this 'Cheers' thing?  Are the robots from the UK, now?  Fuck you!

17 January 2022
  747-262-8427  Los Angeles, CA - We have another one about nine hours later.  The bots are really turning it on.


We could get to ten by the end of the month. Fuck you!

   707-385-6884  Northern California - Oh, here we go! 

Our fifth one of the month.  More impressive, four in two days.  Bring it.  Fuck you!

18 January 2022
  310-599-9031  Compton, CA - Back to their old ways?  Do we get a free gift?  Fuck you!

   928-844-9011  Arizona - Oh, there you are...number six.

Fuck you!

19 January 2022
  305-339-7991  Miami, FL -  Now, what the fuck is this shit?


We can only hope that "b-t-c" means "big thick cock".   Fuck you!

  714-258-9165  Santa Ana, CA - Quick search and this numbers leads to nothing.  If it was a legit business, the search would lead to that business.  Well, even if non-legit, the search should lead somewhere.

Robot voice does not help.  Fuck you!

21 January 2022
  657-385-6179  Anaheim, CA - This is how we start the weekend


Variation on the text, no "Enjoy" or "Cheers". How about a...Fuck you!

23 January 2022
  vastroabminafda@gmail.com -  So when you mention "clearpussy", do you mean transparent?  Would we get in trouble if we replied back with a dick pic?  


We have been thinking about it.  What if it is not a human penis, but like an animals wank?  It would be more like sending a 'nature pic'. Think quokka, that just happens to have a huge throbbing cock.  Fuck you!

24 January 2022
  716-281-2617  Silver Creek, NY - Dude, you got caught by Call Protect.  You lose.  Fuck you!

27 January 2022
  530-676-3483  Shingle Springs, CA - We know this is a spoofed number.  Fuck you!

  704-372-7264  Charlotte, NC - Hey, we got another one of them calls.  Still waiting on our free gift for paying our December bill.  Fuck you!

28 January 2022
   407-704-1263  Orlando, FL - Spoofy McSpoofface.  Coming in at 6:18am, apparently all the way from a group home in Florida.  We just watched Derek, a series from Rick Gervais.  Maybe one of those folks called about reviving a dead bird.  Fuck you!

   419-407-5323  Toledo, OH - Guess we are going back to traditional spoofed numbers, with no messages.  Really what is the point of all this?  Fuck you!

31 January 2022
   223-233-2163  Spring Grove, PA - Really, what is the point?   This was caught by the phone as a Spam Risk...and caught by Call Protect.  Is this shit still working in 2022?  Fuck you!