21 January 2023

2023 NHL Reverse Retro All-Star Jerseys


2023 NHL All-Star Jerseys

The NHL just released these jerseys a few days ago.  I guess I should do a quick write up on this before we get to the Western Conference Reverse Retros.  Actually, I have them already written, Central Division will be released in February and Pacific Division will be posted in March. I know, you are dying of anticipation.

Like many of you, I had forgotten about he All-Star Game all together.  As with tradition, the format is changed every year.  This year, it seems like the NHL picks one player from each team.  That way, we have at least one member from each team...and no one gets left out...and everyone is happy.  

Then, there is fan voting to complete the rosters.  A good way for fans to pad the ballots and get half their team into their respected division.  Nothing like a third-liner at an All-Star Game, a la All-Star MVP John Scott.  

Well, there you have it. The All-Star Jerseys, a throwback to the mid-1990's design...but, you know, Reverse Retroed.

But wait, the competition format has not changed (that I am aware of). Heck, I had to look up where the game is hosted this year.  Florida, in case you had no idea either.  Anyway, for the past few seasons, the All-Star Game has been a tournament style format between the four divisions.  But, there are only two jerseys?  May I suggest something?

Remember the McDonald's NHL All-Star Muppets?  

McDonald's NHL All-Star Muppets

This should be your Eastern Conference.  Yeah, change the colours a little, maybe more green on Kermit's jersey.  Or, go with orange or yellow for one Division and blue for the other.

McDonald's NHL All-Star Muppets

Then you can have something like this for the Western Conference.  Pick your four colours, mix in a little Reverse Retro powder and you have four jerseys to sell.  Just swap the word mark with the division and you are set...or just keep it as "Muppets".

Oh...wait for it...then use black (Eastern) and white (Western) jerseys for the final game.  Do that.

Then, next year Dallas can 'borrow' this design again. 

06 January 2023

2022 NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys - Metropolitan Division


2022 NHL Reverse Retros

The Metropolitan Division Reverse Retro jerseys ready for my stupid opinion. We had to wait for some teams to debut their jerseys on the ice to get a full view of the uniform.  Some of these images were hard to find...all were stolen from the internet.

Carolina Hurricanes

Carolina Hurricanes 2/10

Fail!  While it works in the black or white jersey version, the hurricane warning flags, being red, get lost and blended in to the red jersey.  It looks like two white marks instead of a C, more like "-_ANES" or "=ANES".  

Wordmark of the nickname is also a strike against this.  Imagine if Montreal went with a diagonal wordmark of "HABS".  

The greyed out storm warning flags on the waist is a good touch.  Maybe incorporate those flags around the arm.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Columbus Blue Jackets 7/10

They could have easily gone overboard with designing the uniform.  Admit it, this works.  Columbus has a history of good jersey designs and great logos.  That gives them a lot of room to play with win coming up with Reverse Retro designs.  Also, that blue trim on the bottom of the pants nicely breaks up the black of the pants and socks.  Not much more to say, I think they nailed it.

New Jersey Devils

New Jersey Devils 10/10

Nailed it!  A throwback to the Kanas City Scouts and Colorado Rockies uniforms.  Just think, if the owners of the Devils kept the same colour theme as the Rockies, this is what the Devils would have looked like in their inaugural season.  

The Devils did a great job despite having very little design changes in their logo and jersey history. Not much to play with. Okay, basically no change to their design other than changing from red/green to red/black.  Their only third jersey design is the 'Jersey' design.  Maybe next time, we see a red or white 'Jersey' design.  Even better, a blue version of the Rockies Reverse Retro

New York Islanders

New York Islanders 9/10

Yo, the Gorton's fisherman logo is back!  Back in 1995, this was all the rage...and I mean rage!  Many fans (and players) were not in favour this design.  This logo lasted two seasons before it was replaced by the old familiar circle logo. 

The fisherman logo is essentially the Islanders only exploration into a new logo.  There have only been slight variations of the circle logo, which includes just the 'NY' logo, and adding a fourth stripe on the hockey stick (originally three) to represent the four straight Stanley Cups from 1980-1983.  Meh, I think 'handcuffing' your history with, "we won four Cups"...also says "we only...and will ever only...win those four Cups".   Like, what do you do if the team wins another Cup?  Add another stripe?  That means new logo, along with the revamping the entire catalog of merchandise.  Sure that means more revenue, but now your are stuck with that 'winning identity' of four stripes with five or more victories.  See how that complicates things?  What if they go on another four Cup run?

Anyway, as much controversy the fisher logo caused in the mid-90's, this is what fans wanted.  Credit to the Islanders, this looks good.  What makes it work is the omitted teal and 'wave' stripe.  Keeping the colours to their blue and orange, with a little white to make things pop, and a nice 'swoop' stripe  brings everything togethers.  This design will work nicely as a third jersey for the team.

New York Rangers

New York Rangers 7/10

At one point, the original NYR Liberty jersey, from the mid-1990's, was the best selling jersey in the NHL.  So, it makes sense to bring this back as a Reverse Retro...again. Instead of going back tot he dark blue, they kept the Ranger blue.  Again, it works. It works because the original was a great design, sales do not lie.  It works because the Liberty logo says "New York" and is one of the best logo designs out there.

Unlike the other Original Six teams, the Rangers have done some experimenting with logo and jersey design.  Okay, very little.  They have the regular "RANGERS" wordmark, which is pretty much the only diagonal wordmark that works, only because that is all we know.  There is the "NEW YORK" word mark that, at a glance, looks similar to the Rangers design, while there is exploration of font.  

Then there is the shield logo, which looks 'wrong' because we are so used to seeing a diagonal wordmark.  The logo makes it way on the shoulders of the Liberty jerseys.  When they show the logos of teams on TV, they use that shield logo.  The Rangers' shield is the only logo consistently used that  is not the teams main logo.

Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers 6/10

Cooperalls!  Too bad they only wear the Cooperalls for warm-ups.  The overall (ha!) uniform looks great.  But, without the full roller hockey look, this jersey itself is kind of meh.

Like much of the Original Six, the Flyers (I know, not one of the Original Six) have a very limited pallet when it comes to logo design and jersey design.  Outside of adding a border, once, the flying P logo has not changed.  I mean, it has not changed at all.  This is their only logo, with no secondary/alternate logo.  Their only logo only comes in black with an orange dot.  Yeah, even when they had black jerseys, they use the same logo.  You can see one of the fans wearing a black jersey in the photo above.

They have a limited pallet of black, orange, and white.  The cut of their jersey, while unique, has basically gone unchanged.  Base jersey with strip running from neck down to elbow, splitting to wrap around forearms.  Finish with band around cuffs, optional band around waist.  That is it, that is their template for home and away uniforms.  Oh, and the damn numbers on the arms always cross over the strip, sometimes blending into the sleeve.  Fine, do that, but you need a contrasting border to make the numbers pop.

Okay, on special occasions the Flyers will opt for the 'traditional hockey jersey look' with stripes on the arms and waist.  But, only for special occasions like Anniversary, limited thirds, and Winter Classic uniforms.  

Pittsburgh Penguins
Pittsburgh Penguins 8/10

When the Penguins won back-to-back Cups in 1991 and 1992, they changed their logo to what is known as the "robo penguin".  They did not win a Cup until they switched back to the "skating penguin"...also, that Sidney Crosby guy might have helped.  Two more back-to-back Cups.  It has been five years since their last Championship and the robo penguin is back after 20 years.  What does this mean for their Cup runs?

The uniform looks good. While I love the yellow shoulder yokes, it maybe a little too much yellow...or maybe just enough.  At times, the Penguins uniforms look a lot like a Bruins uniform. The large yellow patches of these Reverser Retros make them look more like Boston than usual.  Yes, I get confused when I see a Pittsburgh vs Boston game.  Upon further review, the large shoulder yokes looks more like Starfleet uniforms.  Think first five seasons of Deep Space Nine and Voyager Anyway, the white trim around the yellow, especially the shoulders, work well.  Otherwise, you may be watching Captain Crosby and the crew of the USS Penguin.  Always loved the unique tapered striping on the Pittsburgh's pants.

Like most of the Metropolitan Division, the Penguins did a great job of design their Reverse Retros.  Both versions of the Penguin are great logos.  Perhaps they will bring back the yellow/white torso band from the mid-1990 third jersey design.  

Washington Capitals
Washington Capitals 7/10

The eagle logo has one annoying flaw it shares with the Red Wings logo.  It forces the C or A to the opposite side of the jersey.  This more annoying as many of the teams have sold the upper right chest area for corporate sponsorship.  The screaming eagle logo also does not scream "Capitals", but that is okay, as we get wordmark right underneath the eagle in a true 1990's diagonal striping.  

Most of the teams that experimented with a new or third jersey design in the mid-1990's had a diagonal strip.  There was new laser printing back then so they could print graphics and/or diagonal striping on the jerseys.  Before this 'laser', striping was done by knitting.  So, only horizontal striping was available.  Unless you cut the template in a way to get vertical or other fancy colour breaks (see Flyers).  

Back to this eagle jersey in black.  This is the first time we see the screaming eagle in black.  It had only appeared on the white or blue jersey, never in black.  The black thirds you are thinking of had the Capital building logo (also with different striping)...which makes sense.  Capitals. The logo appears on the shoulders on this design. Great that Washington did a Reverse Retro combining elements to something very familiar, yet very different.  Ovechkin played his first few seasons in the screaming eagle (white) and Capital (black) logo era. 

One more comment on colours.  Strange that a team from Washington DC would use blue, black, and gold as their team colours.  Glad they when back to red, white, and blue.  The previous Reverse Retro with the screaming eagle on red jersey was really good.  

07 December 2022

2022 NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys - Atlantic Division


2022 NHL Reverse Retros

The NHL and adidas designed another set of Reverse Retros for all 32 teams.  Some of these designs are really good, some are really bad.  No one asked for this, but here is my opinion on the 2022 Reverse Retros.  I have no qualifications, so feel free to disagree with my opinion.  Starting with the Atlantic Division, since all the teams have debuted their new jerseys on the ice. 

Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins - 8/10

Has there been a bad Bruins jersey?  Well, yes.  But this is not one of them.  This one works on many levels.  It brings back the 90's third jersey with the bear, this time in white.  Yeah, it looks like an MTV Liquid Television version of a bear that is about to attack Aeon Flux, but who cares...it works.  The jagged shoulder yokes and sides look like claws, or rips...rips by claws.  

Number and letter placement works, as well as the font, classic.  The 'Bruins' shoulder patch is just enough to bring everything together.  Plus, they Bruins have set an NHL record for longest home win streak, with only a handful of losses so far.  This is all thanks to a pretty good jersey design.  The Winter Classic jersey, on the other hand, is another story.

Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Sabres - 6/10

Dude, what the hell is going on here? There is too much white.  At the same time, not enough white. The jersey itself it okay.  Very simple, they took the red/black buffalo head jersey and gave it the blue/gold treatment.  As a jersey alone, it works.  But we judge on the whole package.  This is why I waited until the entire uniform is on the ice.

The problem here is the helmet, it needs to complements something.  Maybe have white helmets so everything is white.  Then strap on some Oakland Seals (foreshadowing) white skates and you may have something.  How about blue pants to work with the blue helmet.  The little blue strip on the hem breaks things up at little, but it needs more contrast.  Call me crazy, but how about blue pants with yellow helmet?   The white gloves work.

Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings - 4/10

This is the problem when your team only has two colours...well, really one colour.  In Detroit's case, red.  So, what do you do?  You add a 'neutral' colour like black, sometimes grey or silver.  This is black/red is throwback one of their original Detroit Cougars design...which was red/white, of course...and 'retro-ed' during 1991-92 Season for NHL's 75th Anniversary.

Another 'issue' with the Red Wings' jersey history is, they kind of only have one design.  A very iconic design.  The early jersey, or sweater, designs were usually simple striping, achieved by changing the yarn as it is knitted.  The classic striping is a tradition that is seen in hockey jerseys since.  Bro, you guys need a real secondary logo.  Heck, even a risky third jersey with a goofy logo, like...an octopus.

One nice detail, instead of just a letter, the captain's "C" is on a patch.  And...for the first time in a while on the correct side of the chest.  Damn it, do not get me started on C/A placement.

Florida Panthers
Florida Panthers - 10/10

This one is a winner!  Everything works on this design.  As a bonus is corrects some serious mistakes that are on their regular jerseys.  I am talking about shoulder numbers.  

The Panthers win by using their almost forgotten secondary logo, the sun, stick, and palm tree.  A great secondary logo that just screams "Florida hockey".  Combined with the original layout of their inaugural threads, and light blue similar to the 2009 thirds, this works.  A new logo with a sun and FLA ties everything together.

Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens - 7/10

Oh, so close.  Overall, very good. Like Detroit, Montreal is limited in retro selection as their jersey design has not really changed through out the years.  Here they try to use a light blue.  While for the most part, it works simply for trying a new colour, it needs a little more to really make it pop.

A little red to bring everything together.  Perhaps outlining the numbers and letters.  Or, maybe...dear I say it, at another stripe.  Again, the design follows the same layout as every jersey in their history, handcuffed by tradition.  Also, Florida wins the light blue jersey battle.

Ottawa Senators
Ottawa Senators - 4/10

This is what we call 'safe design'.  Not much outside the box thinking here.  You have that gold, use it.  Throw in some gold trim,.  Heck go with a gold jersey like Vegas.  Even some white trim can help this pop.  That red swoop across the body just gets lost.  Much like their "SENS" jersey this just looks like a bootleg jersey.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning - 8/10

Yo, way to full nineties on this.  Basically a re-colour of their late 90's thirds with the 'storm' and lightning motif.  Even the numbers and letters look like lightning bots.  It passes ugly and crosses over to awesome.

It is refreshing to see something other than a "wait, is that a new Leafs uniform" look from the Lightning.  Their regular uniform is just a Red Wing design with Maple Leaf colours.  Wait, did Yzerman have anything to do with that?

Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto Maple Leafs - 6/10

Another Original Six Team that suffers from tradition and lack of colour options. Even with those limitations, the Leafs did a good job with what they had to work with.  I think this is the first time we have seen white shoulder yokes on their blue jerseys.  With the contrasted shoulder yoke, it is a real reverse of their retro whites.

It looks good because it is safe.  Too bad Florida and Montreal used light blue.  Might be interesting to see something other than the blue/white combo.  Yes, they added grey for their last retro design.  Like Detroit, Toronto is limited to basically one colour to play with.  Yeah, I know what you are thinking, 'what about great'...when then they will look like bootleg Canuck jerseys. 

01 December 2022


 Final stretch to the end of the year.  Everyone is trying to get their numbers in the black, and as a business of scamming people the telemarketers are hard at work.  As usual, we should make sure their work is all in vain.  Fuck these guys

1 December 2022

  509-644-3815  Loon Lake, WA - Fancy name, so we did a search for Loon Lake.  The lake and/or town of Loon Lake shows up in various parts of the United States.  California, New York, Oregon, Washington.  That is about as deep as we looked. 

Yes, of course, this is most likely your typical spoofed number.  Telemarketers tend to either target large cities like Los Angeles and New York, or small communities with less people than your suburban high school graduating class.  The Loon Lake in Washington, just north of Spokane, has a population of about 700 people.  

Fuck you!

3 December 2022

serviceacc-limitedl679-8216.currentlyinformation@appskwekw.sdertuvdz.ovh - Here we go again.  Yep, that is the address the text was from.  Bright and early on a Saturday morning.


There many red flags being raised in this text.  Fuck you!

netflx-membership.update.-3227030@hirakarazenbu.live - How to spot a new trend.


Second text of the day, about 3.5 hours after the first one.  While the wording is a little different, it is the same message.  Note the different address of the sender and link to "resolve the issue".  Fuck you!

support-mms-netflixmembership-ll151-1095@uiydcoudrvo.eu - Less than 30 minutes later...make that three texts with the same message


Well, how many of these are we going to get? This may have worked if you fuck nuggets sent maybe one at a time and space it out.  But, three attempts to scam someone in less than four hours?  Fuck you!

netflx-membership.update.-3701836@hirakarazenbu.live - So, we getting one of these every hour?


This makes it four. See you in about an hour.  Fuck you!

unsubscribe-renewalupdate-support-netflix-ll267-7016@uiydcoudrvo.eu  - That makes five!


Is this some sort of ad campaign?  Maybe we should consider subscribing to Netflix.  Fuck you!

4 December 2022
  mms-netflixmembership-ll779-1186-support@appskwekw.sdertuvdz.ovh - Sunday morning, here we go, first one of the day


Guys, you really need to shorten the email addresses and links.  They look a little fake.  Fuck you!
  csupport-unsubscribe-renewals-netflix-ll761-9201@akunkamukenabendsa.health - Second of the day.  Seventh, overall


Bombarding one with these types of messages is the wrong approach.  For one, you need to send from a more legitimate looking address.  Come on, it looks like a file directory.  You would need 2-3 business cards to fit that long ass address.  Stay tuned, next tips will come with next text. Fuck you!

  membership-update-support-netflix-ll171-6121@susahbenerpays.info - Three for the day


Here is another tip.  Keep it consistent.  Not only should you use a shorter, email address, it should be the same...or at least look the same...every time. This is the eighth text and the addresses are all over the place.  Fuck you!

  netflx-membership.update.-5356077@nahginikanbisa.live - We got four.  One more and we match yesterday's total.  So far, nine phishing texts over two days.  While this one is a little different, they have all been "from Netflix", regarding account/subscription payment.


Pro tip: When using the name of the company your are pretending to be, try to spell it correctly.  Fuck you!

5 December 2022
  626-565-3642  Alhambra, CA - A la Jeff Foxworthy - If we look you up your number and it appears on lookup.robokiller.com you might be a telemarketer.  Fuck you!

  membership-netfilx-com-auth-mailer-158-9187.tlds@ops-mms.rsvp - Oh great, now our subscription is canceled 


Check your grammar and spelling.  Fuck you!

6 December 2022
  317-597-9519  Lawrence, IN -  We love it when they try to leave a message and all that is there is silence.  Typical telemarketers, flagged by the usual.  Maybe it is Netflix letting us know there is an issue with our account.  Fuck you!

7 December 2022
  membership-netfilx-com-auth-mailer-521-8215.ssl@kadal.pro - Oh shit, looks like they have escalated.  It seems that our "membership has been ended".

Wait, four people got this text?  Group phishing (and poor grammar) is a dead giveaway that it is scam.  Fuck you!

8 December 2022
  626-565-5211  Alhambra, CA - Refer to similar call from earlier.  Same area code and prefix, with different suffix.  So December will be Alhambra calls and Netflix texts.  Fuck you!

  562-583-2159  Seal Beach, CA -  Fuck you!

  626-565-5140  Alhambra, CA -  You look familiar.  Know any other numbers from Alhambra?  Fuck you!

11 December 2022
  membership-unsubscribe-netflix721-0051.tls@nenekjahanam.space - Early Sunday morning text from our friends at "Netflix".


But wait, based on the last text from you, we thought our membership ended.  Therefore, there would be no need for you to have my current information.  Patiently waiting for your next bullshit text.  Fuck you!

  informations-membership-support-netflix-ll287-1181.inf@ntflxacc.org -  Same message from different address


   Well, at least the links match.  Maybe we should click in the link to save our account...but after we finish this episode of Stranger Things.  Fuck you!

15 December 2022
  626-565-5319  Alhambra, CA - Here we go with another one from Alhambra


There is a message, but it seems like a butt dial.  All we hear is random chatter, like from telemarketer office.  Fuck you!

17 December 2022
  439-117-6057 Unknown - Hmm, 'unknown' and 'new' area code.  

We did a search for the number, and nothing came up.  So, we searched the area code and found this:

Area Code 439 History:

Area Code 439 has not been assigned for use by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator. Area Code 439 is officially planned as a General Purpose area code which is typically assigned to a geographic area. If you receive a phone call from area code 439 it is a spam call. Any phone number such as 439-xxx-xxx does not exist.

Yeah, fuck you! 

19 December 2022

  58189 - Oh shit, we got $85!  Maybe we can use this money to pay for our troubled Netflix account


Wait.  Deborah...Debbie.  B Josephson...BJ  Debbie BJ...Debbie Does Dallas?  Fuck you!

20 December 2022

  240-789-8199  Rockville, MD - Back to back calls, just two minutes apart.  Fuck you!

  240-789-8199  Rockville, MD - Is there a performance center in Rockville?  Like an arena, stadium, concert hall, school gym?  We just want to see a band like KISS perform in Rockville...just to hear Paul Stanley say something like, "Rockville, are you ready to rock? I said, are you ready to rock?"

How about Fuckville?  Fuck you!

21 December 2022

 +86 (21) 8187 1963  Shanghai, China - Did some telemarketer hubs relocate/expand to China?  Maybe they forgot to spoof a local number.  Maybe India spoofed a number that was way off from our location.  Meh, fuck you!

310-679-4462  Hawthorne, CA - Okay, this spoofed location is at least in the same country.  Still, fuck you!

26 December 2022

  membership-ll717-8098@anakgesit.in - Oh good, a text at 4:35 in the morning.  Must be really important.  We thought our account was already settled...as in, it already terminated a few weeks back. 


This shit is played out.  You need another scam.  Would like to recommend Hulu, Amazon, Disney, Paramount or other streaming service for January.  Fuck you!

30 December 2022

  aws06-netflix_notification-ll181-1188@maks-autheosd.cc - Wow, end of the month and still using this idea to scam people. There is one more day in the month, but tomorrow bring a Saturday...what are the odds that we get a text about this same damn subject?


Pointing out the obvious, there is a slight chance that anyone receiving these text would check their account rather than clicking a link in a text with poor grammar and from some weird ass email address.  Oh, and this is if we have a Netflix account.  Best regards, Fuck you!

05 November 2022


 Been a while since our last call. Maybe those assholes at "Telemarketer International" are winding down from their Halloween buzz.  Or, perhaps the bots over there are cashing in their vacation time and chilling on the beaches of the Caribbean.

4 November 2022

  650-305-9328  Los Altos, CA  - Yeah, we looked this one up.  Based on search results, we can confirm that we have no business with the owner of this number.  Plus, it would be very inconvenient to do business with this establishment, given the our respected locations.

We have another spoofed number, typical.  Fuck you!

6 November 2022


Yeah, that is the address this text came from.  Come on, you can do better than that with a google address.


Do we really need to get into how fake this shit is?  Fuck you! 

7 November 2022

  661-469-3196  Buttonwillow, CA - Buttonwillow is one of those 'middle of nowhere' places.  Yeah, they have stuff like people...population of less than 1400.  

Oh, and they have a famous racetrack.  So, how about you race on over to Buttonwillow and fuck off.

8 November 2022
  reminderslastactions.acxsdj7rglvknt-02932993931@pqiyweuvgxoua.org - Yep, that is the email address that this text cam from.


We are going take a wild guess and stay that this is scam.  That fucking email address.  Is their IT department a bunch of cats just walking on keyboards?  Fuck you!

9 November 2022

   410-100-010 - Another one from 410.  Note the late time this text came in.

Cannot remember when the last time we made a purchase at Walmart.  Heck when was the last time were at Walmart?  Fuck you!

10 November 2022
 310-993-0361  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh, good old Beverly Hills numbers.  We can always count on Beverly Hills numbers being telemarketers

Typical robo voicemail, like many other before...and many to come.  Fuck you!

24 November 2022
   908-628-1441  New Jersey - Well, this seems random on a Thanksgiving morning

What should be do with all this information?  Send a dick pic?  Fuck you!

25 November2022
  +86 (21) 7391 2629 Shanghai, China - What do you make of this?  There was a message left, sounded like a recording.  It was also in Chinese, obviously.  Again, no reason for anyone in Shanghai to be contacting us.  Also, at the time of call, it would be about 1:00AM in Shanghai.  We are just going to file this under telemarketer.  Fuck you!

28 November 2022
  800-459-4724  - Well, we have the phone labeling this as a Telemarketer...and Call Protect flagging this as the same.  A message was left and three words...Publisher's Clearing House.  Two more words...Fuck you!

29 November 2022
  808-215-6628  Lania City, Hawaii - Aloha to you, as well

Spoiler alert:  We are not in Hawaii.  Mahalo and fuck you!

  206-210-9718  Seattle, WA - Pretty crazy that the Kraken are at the top of the NHL right not.  This call has nothing to do with it.  Fuck you!

30 November 2022
  626-565-4472  Alhambra, CA - Search results come up with nothing useful.  Could be a butt dial, most likely telemarketer.  Fuck you!

appyply-verifymailidslfsx111-9057.scrmailapps@sendumantamu.biz - Uh, this email address looks a little suspect.


Yeah, this looks totally legit.  Fuck you!