07 April 2020


We are on full lock down, but it does not stop these assholes from calling.  Although, it did take a week into the new month to get our first contact.

7 April 2020
  213-806-0585  Carson, CA - Looks like another spoofed number as some random location in Carson, CA shows up along with a map.  This text comes in around 8:30 at night.  Anyway, this is the text:

Apparently, a Final Alert from Amazon.  I cannot remember the last time I ordered something from Amazon.  Even going into week four of this pandemic lock down, I still have yet to order anything online.  Anything essential would be purchased locally and not frequently.  Oh, it is $100 worth of goodies?  Common, you have to do better than that to get me to flinch.  I mean, if it was a $100 hoodie, then I would have to see this magical hoodie.  Fuck you!

10 April 2020
  410-100-003 - Hey, guess what...another fucking text message.  Check this bullshit out:

Well if this is one of the dumbest scams ever.  Let me break this shit down.

They want to pay me $400 for 10 weeks, for a total of $4000, to put a sticker on my car.   Can you even confirm that I have a car?  If I did have a car, do you even know what kind of car I would drive?  What if it is a shitty car?  Your "branding" would be represented on some old junker.  What if my car is luxury vehicle?  Would one want a 'small decal' on a Bugatti?  By the way, I do not drive a Bugatti.

Hey, Gloria.  We are on total lock down right now.  What makes you think this car that I may or may not have will even be driven?  "No driving distance is required".  Well, no one is going anywhere. Even if I was driving it to acquire essentials, how many people do you thing is going to see this 'small decal'?  Have you seen the streets lately?  Have you been living in a cave for a month?  Well, I guess we all have.

Fuck you!

16 April 2020
  310-849-8700  Beverly Hills, CA - It has been a while since we received calls from Beverly Hills.  This is another spoofed number

Voicemail stating something about mileage and warranty specialist.  Uh, I do not have a new car that would warrant a warranty specialist.  I can can assure you that most people right now, including myself, do not have a mileage issue...if they had a car.

Pretty sure this is a robocall, although the robot sounds kinds cute. Maybe a blonde 24 year old with aspirations to be an actress.  Fuck you!

17 April 2020
  805-903-7977  San Luis Obispo, CA - Other than being from the Central Coast of California, there is nothing interesting about this call.  Sure, it is most likely another garden variety spoofed number.  But, it was just a call.  No message, no text.   All the same, fuck you!

22 April 2020
  430-236-6213 Texas - Happy Earth Day, here is a telemarketer scam

While Dr Pepper is located in Texas, they do not have a car wrap program.  Again, we are on lockdown, so there is no one driving right now, and even less people on the streets to see this advertisement.  You stupid fucks!

Also, the official site for Dr Pepper is just drpepper.com.  Again, we have to answer the simple questions first.  Do I even have a vehicle?  Do I even drink or support your product?  I mean, come on.  Where did you get your marketing degree?

Fuck you!

  248-970-4862  West Bloomfield, MI - Not going to lie, I was taking a shit when this call came in.  Doing the usual "research" while sitting on the pot...and I thought I was full of shit.  Fuck you!

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