21 March 2020

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 110-113

We have a new shipment.  Luckily, it follows last shipment's issue with no additional missing issues.  Fifteen issues are still missing and on back order. Who knows when we will get these.  Especially with the situation the world is in at this moment.

Damn, this would have been a perfect time to spend working on this project.  But, as we know, we are unable to continue due to missing parts.

Missing Issues:  076, 077, 085, 086, 087, 092, 095, 096, 099, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105

Issues 110-113

Also received in this shipment is that useless binder with wrong art.  Even better...they charged me $7.99 for that useless binder with wrong art.  I have told Universal about their wrong reference material before, but they still recommend and approve incorrect art and reference.

Eight dollars for something I do not want, yet hundreds of dollars in missing issues and parts. Good job, Eaglemoss!

Again, nothing I can really build because these parts assemble on top of parts we are missing.  Anyway, here is what you get.

Issue 110 - Spare Tire

Contents of Issue 110
I guess I could build this.  It also comes with windshield wipers.

Fun fact:  This is just another front wheel, the spare tire of a DeLorean looks like this:

I stole this image from myself
Pretty obvious that this is a 'filler' issue.  The wipers could have easily be packed with another issue.  Better yet, invest in a tool for an actual DeLorean spare tire.  Yawn.

Issue 111 - Reactor Platform

Contents of Issue 111

When converting your DeLorean to a Time Machine, it is best to replace your lower engine cover with a more sturdy platform for all the components that will be attached to.  This is a hefty die-cast platform.  I hope the screws holding this are larger and stronger than the ones holding the doors.

Issue 112 - Reactor Components

Contents of Issue 112
A bunch of small parts.  Hey, maybe throw the wipers in this issue.

Issue 113 - Reactor Drum

Contents of Issue 113
Reactor core base, and it looks like it lights up.  For now, they sit in the bag, in a box...with that stupid binder with incorrect Universal art.

Well, that is it for now.

to be continued...

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