25 May 2018

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Issues 039-042

Issues 039-042
Pretty exciting to see what was in the box for this shipment.

Issue 039 - Wiring and Floor Plate

Issue 039 contents
Okay, they call it the "Chassis Plate".  I am calling it the "Floor Plate" since it is the floor and not the chassis.  We dealt with a "chassis plate" in Issue 029, where I also hinted that it is improperly named.  The chassis of a DeLorean is the Double-Y frame, which was complete in Issue 014.

Anyway, there is some more wires in this Issue.  Nothing too complex, just laying the wires down and securing them down with brackets.

Wiring up to Issue 039
Oh..and you do not even get to floor plate until next issue.

Issue 040 - Pedals

Issue 040 contents
Not just pedals, there is a nice surprise.  Spoiler alert:  The brake pedal works, stepping on it will activate the brake lights.

Be careful, there are some small parts in this Issue.  Make sure you have some tweezers for the detailed work.

Once completed, the assembly is attached to the floor plate.  This assembly will not be attached to chassis, yet.

Foot wells and floor plate
Issue 041 - Center Console

Issue 041 contents
Ah, the center console of a DeLorean.  I know this area very well...unfortunately, too well.  I have lost count the many times I have had to dive into the center console of my car.

If only the full size car was as easy to work on as this build.  Some great details here, I really like how they handled the shifter.

Issue 042 - Time Display

Issue 042 contents
This builds off the center console form previous issue.  We get our first lights (behind the time circuits).  There are some hard to reach screw holes that take a little more patience than normal.

I believe this is the first Time Machine element since Issue 004 with the reactor parts.  The build, so far, since, has been mostly stock DeLorean parts (excluding folding wheels).

The finished center console and time display looks like this when completed.

Center console from 041-042

...and the screw count.

42-AP, 10-BP, 2-CP, 12-AM, 10-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 16-DM, 2-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 8-FP, 2-JM, 1-HP, 1-GP, 3-NM, 1-MM, 3-KM, 1-LM

to be continued...

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