04 May 2018

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Issues 035-038

Issues 035-038

Big box coming in with this shipment.  Issues 035-038 include the base for the Time Machine.

I could be off, but I think some in the UK were around Issue 035-ish when the first North America costumers got Issue 001.

Issue 035 - Front Wheel Arches

Contents of Issue 035
The two large front wheel arches are die cast.  They simply attached to the front of the car over the wheels.  Nothing fancy...just heavy.

The wheel arches on a DeLorean are part of the fiberglass pontoon.

Issue 036 - Rear Pontoon

Contents of Issue 036
They call these parts 'rear pontoon' but they are not exactly like the pontoon on a DeLorean.  I was trying to guess what these were, but did not recognise it as any part of a DeLorean.  They will eventually be hidden.  Four pieces, two screws, and you are done with this Issue.  The parts attach to the rear wheel arches in the next issue.

Issue 037 - Rear Wheel Arches

Contents of Issue 037
Just like the front wheel arches, these attached to the frame with easily.  The car is slowly taking shape.

Issue 038 - Headlight, Front Flux Band Wiring

Contents of Issue 038
Note that the instructions call for JM screws, and NM screw are provided.  Not sure if the instructions are miss printed or they put the wrong screws in the parts bag.  The NM screws fit, so build on.  The KM screws are used to hold down the wire bridges

Pro tip:  Make sure you check your wires.  Start by straighten the wires as they are a little twisted for shipping.  I found a cut wire, so I had to repair with solder and heat shrink.

The wires are labeled with tabs, printing, and colour so there is little confusion.

Jack stands
What, jack stands?  Yeah, this issue comes with jack stands.  As I mentioned, the wheel arches that come with this shipment are die cast and add more weight to the already heavy chassis.  I am sure the weight will cause a lot of stress on the (in my opinion) weak axle design.  For the past few weeks, I have been elevating my chassis with hockey pucks to put less strain on the wheels.  So, it is a good that Eaglemoss included jack stands to alleviate stress on the axles.  Oh, and it complements the large base you get with this shipment.

Your assembly up to Issue 038 should look like this:

Progress up to Issue 038
...and the screw count.

38-AP, 7-BP, 2-CP, 12-AM, 10-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 16-DM, 2-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 8-FP, 2-JM, 1-HP, 1-GP, 3-NM, 1-MM, 2-KM, 1-LM

to be continued...

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