26 June 2017

Bruce Lee Podcast Challenge - Week 2

Week two of the Bruce Lee Podcast Challenge is over and completed.  Here is a quick recap from what I have experienced.  I am not sure I did everything right.  But, I did something, tried something to improve myself, and that is a start.

Daily Affirmations:  1 - Relationship:  Being nice can be hard....especially for someone like me.  I tend to get annoyed when others approach me with their needs.  I should be more open to others' needs. In the two, I realized that just a smile and/or a nod to a stranger not only makes other feel more comfortable, it makes me feel a little better.  Work well and play well with others...simple playground stuff from Kindergarten.

2 - Competition:  Well, what do you know, we won a game.  One forgets the feeling of winning when it has been a while.

As far as taking a loss in a non-game situation, I am slowly, very slowly trying to not want to win little arguments with others.  Let the Wookie win.

Nutrition and Fitness:  Meals were about the same as Week 1. I tried to eat less.  I hope I ate less.  Writing stuff down kinda helps.  Am I not writing enough?  Maybe I should record the amount of food, like actually count calories.  Maybe I can fit back into those nice pants I bought years ago, and have been unwilling to throw away...because they are nice.  I kinda keep them around to remind myself that 'I used to fit in these'.

I had a full week visiting the gym, working on everything from cardio, weights, and stretching.

We won our first game of the season.  A teammate mentioned that I was faster than anybody out there, that day. I like to think that nutrition and fitness helped.  Part of it might be the win, but I felt less tired after this game. 

Yikes, the holiday weekend is coming up, I hope I do not over eat...again.  Also, hoping to get some sort of exercise as we do not have a game this weekend.  I will continue this exercise at least through the holiday to make sure I stay on course.

Oh, I weighed in at 171 pounds.  I 'lost' about 4 pounds in two weeks.  Body fat percentage dropped about two points to 21%.  Not bad, at this rate, I should be back to my high school weight by the next Olympics...uh, Summer Olympics...maybe.

Harmony:  You know what, when you let others be, there is one less thing you have to worry about.  I kinda like it.  As long as it does not affect me directly, let others be.  But, there are still times that I have to hold back.

Of course, getting telemarketing calls does not help.  While I do not answer, I do feel the need to comment about...as I am sure you have read.

With the Challenge over, I will continue to incorporate Bruce Lee's philosophy into my every day life. I like to think that I have, like Bruce Lee suggests, "Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own".  This quote is so awesome.  If I was to get a tattoo, I might consider inking that somewhere I can refer to whenever I am in a rut.

As I continue with this, I may not write everything down as much, as in daily food intake and work outs.  But, as always, I when hear a good quote, I write it down.

Oh, the prize for this Challenge.  As Shannon and Sharon have mentioned, the ultimate prize is improving one's life.  But, there is a grand prize of being a guest on the Bruce Lee Podcast and a gift bag.  Although I have submitted my entry, I doubt I will win.  I am sure others have made more significant changes in their life.  Besides, sometimes taking the loss is more important than the win.

I just needed this Challenge from Shannon and Sharon, and really Bruce Lee, himself, to make me take a look at what changes I may need or want to make and make those changes.  So, thanks, S & S!

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