03 November 2016


The Cubs win the World Series, breaking a 108 year old curse.  One curse that is still unbroken is the curse of the telemarketer.  I wonder if there were any telemarketers in 1908.

3 November 2016
  323-347-6202  Los Angeles, CA - I was waiting for this call.  Usually, it takes a few days into the new month before I get a call from a telemarketer.  Well, wait no more.  Perhaps they will slow down a little once the election is over.  We will see.  Until then, fuck you!

4 November 2016
  650-727-1364 San Mateo, CA - This is not the first time I got texts from this number.  My first encounter was earlier this year in February.  Then again, in a month later.

The internet thing says this is a legitimate business, but Lori really needs to get her shit together and provide them with the correct number to text.  Fuck you, Lori!

9 November 2016
  216-254-2717  Cleveland, OH - New number, nothing shows up on a search.  I am still filing this under a telemarketer call.  I guess I could have picked up to be sure, fuck that...and fuck you!

11 November 2016
  866-654-6394 - What the fuck is this, 866 is one of those 'toll free' numbers.  So obvious that this a telemarketer number, fuck you!

  650-727-1364 - San Mateo, CA - Another text from DoorDash.  I even wrote back and tried to tell them they had a wrong number.

Their automated system will not respond, so looks like will be getting these in the future.  I might try using the support area of their site, but you have to send them feedback via email.  Well, you know what that means...they will have my email address, and I will be receiving junk mail from them.  Fuck you!

15 November 2016
  9wd82zam@srnkm.com - What the shit is this?  Yep, another texting scam.  I think the telemarketers are pissed that I am not picking up their calls, so they are texting me instead.

Oh look, a "Report Junk" button.  If only I could report junk on Door Dash and fucking Lori.  Not sure what good it would do if it was reported.  Here is what will happen, all communication from 9wd82zam@srnkm.com will be blocked...but what if they are smart enough to create an account under 9wd82zam1@srnkm.com?  I will tell you what.  Fuck you, that is what.

17 November 2016
  802-661-0076  Barre, VT - Been a while since I had a call from Vermont, four and ha half years for those keeping track, February of 2012.  They called, and immediately ended the call.  I like that they hang up before I get a chance to answer...not like I was going to answer.  Fuck you!

20 November 2016
  number withheld  FaceTimeVideo -  So this call came in and disconnected before I picked up the phone to check who was calling.  Note that I did not post the number and here is the reason why.  I looked up the number and it came up as a 'safe' number.

The number was also registered to someone who shares a name with someone from my past.  You know, one of those Facebook friends that you never talk to.  Well, this person never had, and should not have my number, as I got this number long after the last time we communicated outside of Facebook.

The caller's number was from an out of state area code.  I am not sure if this friend has lived in this other state long enough to get a local number.  I know the current whereabouts of this friend (thanks, Facebook) and as far as I know they have always resided with in the same area.

Maybe I should contact this person and see if they tried to call me.  For now, I will not post the number...so a search would not lead one here.  I mean, that is how you found this place, right?  You searched one of these numbers and now you are reading this.  But, that number may appear in a photo below, just in case.

I will let this one slide as spooky coincidence.

22 November 2016
  714-340-4513  Yorba Linda, CA - Ah,now this one has been confirmed by others as a telemarketer and not a stalker from the past.  Fuck you!

  310-849-9619  United States - At first, I thought this was a legit number. I even did a search for it, and nothing turned up.  But, then I realized that the call originated from "United States".  Oh, we know what that means.  Fuck you!

  310-849-3380  United States - Well, if the first number does not work...try another one.  Third call today, second from the same relative area (based on area code and prefix).  Fuck you, too!

Calls for 22 November 2016 and other recent calls.
26 November 2016
   ey2gefzaqe5avvqo@zb6py.bid - Yep, another fucking text spam from someone that created their account by having their cat walk on their keyboard.

Scam Oulets
Yeah, looks as legit as your fake ass email address.   Seriously, what have I been doing, whod have I been calling/texting that leads these cocksuckers to think that I am interested in UGG boots and Michael Kors accessories.

I clicked on Report Junk, as I did before, and nothing will happen.  The last 'cat walk account' text I got was for Black Friday.   This is for Cyber Monday.  I fully expect to get one next month for some sort of Christmas clearance for some fucking UGG boots.  Fuck you!

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