04 October 2016


October is an exciting month, Halloween decorations go up, weather ans colours change.  We accept strangers knocking on our doors, asking for tricks or treats.  In fact, we prepare for it.  But that is one time a year.

Imagine having a stranger behind a mask invading your privacy every day of the year, at random times.  Not only scary, but just plan annoying.

4 October 2016
  626-461-9199  Arcadia, CA - Well, what do you know.  This is a return caller.  I did a search for this on the o'Google and it showed that I had checked this number before.  For those keeping track, that was only two weeks ago.  Fuck you!

7 October 2016
   310-849-5586  United States - By the way, this number is listed in Santa Monica.  This could be just a wrong umber or it could be your typical telemarketer call that has been routed through this number.  Either way, fuck you!

11 October 2016
   310-849-8112  United States - Another "United States" number.  A little search shows that this is a number to a bakery in North Hollywood.  Why the fuck would a bakery in North Hollywood...or any bakery in the United States need to call me.  Sure, I make a mean macaroon, but I doubt anyone would call me about it.  So, this could be another wrong number call...or, more likely, another routed number.  Something tells me that having  the "United States" as the origin instead of City, State makes this a routed call.  Fuck you!

  714-551-5505  Orange, CA - Okay, this is from a real city.  But, did a quick search...and this number is and has been connected to making unwanted/telemarketing calls.  Fuck you!

13 October 2016
  Unknown - You know my policy.  If I do not know the number, I am not picking up.  Hey, thanks for telling me that this is an 'unknown' number.  Fuck you!

14 October 2016
  310-882-7744  Los Angeles, CA - First result in a search for this number:

Flagged as telemarketer...well, fuck you!

19 October 2016
  330-559-7954  United States - Another one of those calls from 'United States'.  According to others who have received calls from this number, this is part of a credit card scam.  Shocking.  So pretty much when the 'United States' calls, just do not pick up.  This is country is fucked...fuck you, anyway!

25 October 2016
  805-267-5949  Thousand Oaks, CA - This looks like a legit number, from a legit city.  Nothing showed up on a quick search.  It is possible this is a wrong number...or most likely...a routed number.  Just to be safe...fuck you!

  310-849-3685  United States - Well based on location, I am not even going to bother doing a search to see if this is legit.  Pretty legit telemarketer, thanks for making it easy for me.  Maybe change the location to 'Telemarketerville".  Fuck you!

26 October 2016
  619-324-4724  Alpine, CA - Confirmed telemarketing call/number.  Typical scam regarding your electrical bill.  I can see how this can entice other to bite, but my utility bills are pretty cheap to begin with.  Maybe I should pick up the next time they all and see if I can offer them an alternative.  Telemarket a telemarketer, that would be awesome.  Fuck you!

28 October 2016
  i0xu8x1@mrjh0.club - Who the fuck has "i0xu8x1" as a login name?  I do admit it would make a pretty kick ass password.  Anyway, another scam text

Fuck this shit
Uh...scam. Oh looky, a "Report Junk" option.  I am going to try it and see what will come of it. If it is anything like the Do Not Call List, we are all screwed...but will have some awesome Michael Kors merchandise.

Delete and Report
Then again, this is Apple we are sending to and not the government.  I have a feeling that something will be done.  Oh, fuck you!

31 October 2016
   310-849-1943  United States - Well, Happy Halloween.  Remember those punks that played doorbell ditch, or put a flaming bag of shit on your porch?  Yeah those losers.  Those guys grew up to become telemarketers.  For them, it is Halloween everyday.  All tricks, no treats.  Fuck you!


Desert Cat said...

Got the mrjh0.club too. At least we're not alone, I guess.

Joe said...

I just got a text from @mrjh0.club as well .. I wish I knew which brand was selling my phone number to sketchy telemarketers so the three of us could band together and destroy them.