02 September 2016

FUCK YOU, STOP CALLING ME - September 2016

Ah, new month.  Summer is winding down, school has started, new TV seasons and new series are starting, telemarketers are still calling.

2 September 2016
   213-514-5674  Los Angeles, CA - Ah, something else that is new...new number.  I guess their contract was up with the old numbers, so they registered new ones to try and fool us into picking up the calls.  Nice try, bitch!  Well, I am a little disappointed that there was no call yesterday, on the first of the month.  I guess they need to get at least one call before the holiday weekend.  I wonder if they are going to call during the three day weekend.  Stay tuned.  Oh, almost forgot...fuck you!

7 September 2016
  310-651-6458  Beverly Hills, CA - I did a quick search to confirm, and there were only a few complaints and they only started this weekend up to today.  So, we have a new number.  Feel free to block this number or report it...neither will do any good as blocking this number means they will call from another number...and reporting it does jack shit.  Fuck you!

Pimiento in olive
8 September 2016
  786-205-7819  Palmetto Bay, FL - Palmetto? Pimiento?  Wait, I am burring the lead.  Finally, an out of state call since July...and what do you know, that out of state call was also from Florida.  Apparently, telemarketers have the luxury to have offices in sunny California and sunny Florida.  Where the fuck are they getting this money from?  These guys are sitting by the beach, calling people up with scams, whist sipping on a martini with a pimiento in olive.  Fuck you!

   786-205-7819  Palmetto Bay, FL - What, two calls already? Could we possibly have three calls from the same number in one day?  We have plenty of time.  For the record, I posted the photo of the three olives before during the first post.  Fuck you, but try to go for three.

   786-205-7819  Palmetto Bay, FL - Well, we have three.  Three calls in just over three hours.  Maybe I will need to update that olive photo.  I should mention that a message was left...surprise, it is a bot recording.  Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you!

Three calls in three hours.

  310-651-6458  Beverly Hills, CA - Fourth call of the day, but not from the Palmetto Bay number...ah, but this is from a return caller.  Good old Beverly Hills number from yesterday.  Fuck the lot of you.

9 September 2016
  310-873-6486  Los Angeles, CA - Fresh number.  According to a quick search, this number premiered today.  There has already been a handful of calls reported since early this morning.  New number, same shit.  Fuck you!

10 September 2016
  310-651-6458  Beverly Hills, CA - Another Saturday call.  Same 'new' number from three days ago.  That Florida number must have been some sort of glitch...they probably forgot to route the call through their California server...good to see they are doing it properly, now. Fuck you! 

15 September 2016
  402-617-4642  Lincoln, NE - A bot from out of state.  How do I know?  Well...Nebraska is out of state.  Oh, the 'bot' part.  They left an automated message.  You would think that they would at least have a human record the messages so it sounds more legit.  Instead, we get Stephen Hawking impersonating a female.  Fuck you for using Stephen Hawking to try to sell me shit.  [robot voice] Fuck you! [/robot voice]

  402-617-4642  United States - Second call.  Someone programmed the bot to hit re-harass on the dial.  I am a bit curious as to why their location changed from "Lincoln, NE" to "United States".  It is the same fucking number from a three hours ago.  Holy shit, I got a call from "United States", it must be important.  If they call back three hours later, will the location be "Earth"?  Fuck you!

16 September 2016
  205-456-9823  United States -  So, is this the new trend?  Telemarketers are 'disguising' their locations, now?  What the fuck?  It does not matter where you are calling from...I am not going to pick up if I do not recognize the number, you fucking idiots.

Some calls from September 2016

By the way, the 205 area code is from the Birmingham, Alabama area. How do I know that?  I did a search.  How do I know that is a telemarketer number...other than meticulously studying the search results?  They left a message...and it was the same chick from yesterday's number.  I totally recognized her voice.  Fuck you!

 310-873-6487  Los Angeles, CA - Take a look at the entry on 10 September, just a week ago. Heck, you can see the 'missed call', more like ignored call, in the screen shot above. The number is just one digit off.  See, even if I had blocked last weeks number, they just use another line to harass me.  This is what we have to deal with when it comes to these terrorists.  Fuck you!

Early morning call
19 September 2016
  213-280-7682  Los Angeles, CA - An early morning call at 7:39 on a Monday morning.  Who the hell in LA wakes up that early to go to work?  Bots, that is who.  They left a automated message, same robo-voice as before.  You would think that they would switch it up a little and use local accents in their bots.  Imagine getting a call from Alabama (like I did the other day) and hearing a bot with a Southern accent.  Take today, how about a bot with an annoying valley girl accent?  You are already annoying me, why not take it a step further?  Get it together, already.  Fuck you!

22 September 2016
  269-838-1932  United States - Hey, first day of Fall or Autumn, depending on what your social class is.  It seems that some calls outside the local area are generating 'United States' as the location.  Obviously, I did a search and found that this number originated from Kentwood, MI.  Here is something interesting.

That was first result from my search.  The call seems to originate from a funeral home in Michigan.  This could be a legit wrong number.  But, no message was left.  If it was a wrong number, I think they would have left a message about the body.  I mean, a call from a funeral home seems kinda important enough to leave a message.  Well, okay.  It could still be a wrong number.  I guess no message from a funeral home is better than a 'hey boss, what should we do with the body?' message.

So, I am going to say this was another routed call, and those damn telemarketers are exploiting mourners at their time of grievance.  Shame one you, telemarketers...and fuck you, too!

  949-332-1106 - San Juan Capistrano, CA - I have heard that San Juan Capistrano was a nice area.  Well apparently not anymoew.  Looks like your property value just went to shit, because you have a fucking telemarketer in the area.  This is almost as bad as knowing you have sex offenders living in your neighbourhood.  Yes, I am comparing rapist with telemarketers.  We get violated by telemarketers every day.  Fuck you!

  626-461-9199  Arcadia, CA - Third call of the day, all from different numbers. It seems that they are getting closer to my location.  See?  I was not off when comparing telemarketers to sex offenders.  They are among us, they could be your neighbour.  Fuck you!

So many calls
23 September 2016
  310-910-4062 Inglewood, CA - Quite a few calls this month.  I cannot remember the last time my number has been so popular with the telemarketers.  I am beginning to think that someone wrote "For a good time call..." on the toilet stalls at the telemarketers convention.  Fuck you!

29 September 2016
  bjecdfb4x@wngbaoqiang.bid - What the fuck is this shit?

Texting scam
Everything about this text radiates bullshit.  Randomly generated username, who the fuck uses a username like that?  It does not even mean anything.  Domain name could be legit, but fuck you.  Oh, I jumped the gun there.  Where was I?  Nine dollar sunglasses?  Yeah, prepared to have your retinas burnt.  "Official Oakley", you say?  I highly doubt these are 'official' anything...except official crap.  I did not bother clicking on the site, pretty sure it is infected with Zika.  And, what is with the Apple ID?  Fuck this, and fuck you!

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