09 February 2016

Cubs Did Not Win World Series

This is totally random and about six months late.  I had this thought last summer as we were approaching Back to the Future Day.  I think now that everything has calmed down, I can cause some more waves.

2015 World Series
It was a running joke for over 25 years.  According to Back to the Future Part II, the Chicago Cubs were going to 2015 World Series.  If you factor in the fact that the Cubs had not won since 1908, I guess the joke runs for over 100 years.  Anyway, the Cubs did not win the World Series last year.  They did get pretty far and many fans got excited when the thought of the Cubs winning it all could happen...just like in the movie.

I am not a fan of baseball, and I only cared about this because there was a Back to the Future tie in.  I know Writer/Producer Bob Gale is a fan, I believe his team is the St Louis Cardinals.  That is about as much baseball knowledge I have.  Oh, I have been to two baseball games, and both were in Toronto.

There is another thing that Back to the Future "predicted", a team in Miami.  I guess at the time of the movie release, in 1989, there was no Miami team.  There is now, the Marlins...sure, not the Gators...there is the University of Florida Gators ...close enough.

Miami Gators
So, here is were I am getting at. The film did predict something very similar to this World Series match up of the Chicago Cubs versus the Miami Gators.

Hockey!  While not a fan of baseball, I love hockey.  The 2015 Stanley Cup Finals was between the Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning.  What?

2015 Stanley Cup Final
Think about that for a minute.  Let me take the Florida angle first.  There was no NHL hockey team in Florida at the time of the movie's release.  While there is not a team in Miami...both the Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning have at least reached the Finals. What, hockey in Florida?

Hey, they kinda predicted NHL teams in Florida.

Now, the Blackhawks.  Sure, they won three of the last six Cups, but back in 1989, Chicago Blackhawks were not the great team they are presently.  They would reach the Final a few times, the most recent being in 1992 only to be swept by Pittsburgh Penguins...much like the Cubs sweeping the Gators. Before their recent ring collecting frenzy, the Blackhawks last Cup win was 1961.  At the time, that was the longest Cup drought for a team.  Toronto Maple Leafs now holds that honour with their last Cup victory in 1967.

Tangent.  While six teams joined the league in 1967, all but the St.Louis Blues have move on to win the Cup.  Toronto still holds the longest Cup drought.

Not Cubs, but close enough

So, with Chicago winning the Cup in 2015 and facing a Florida team, I think we have a close enough prediction by the Back to the Future film makers.

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