04 September 2015

FUCK YOU, STOP CALLING ME - September 2015

If you have a phone, you are going to get telemarketing calls.  Well, I have a phone and guess what...I got  some calls.  Sometimes it is human, most of the time it is a robot.  Occasionally, the caller ID shows weird numbers.  What am I talking about?  Keep reading...or just read my past rants on telemarketers.

4 September 2015
   991-4  Unknown - What the fuck is this?  Like I mentioned, sometimes I will get some weird caller ID numbers.  Just what the fuck is 991-4?  Very close to 911, as if emergency dispatch is going to me and ask for assistance.  What the hell am I going to do?  Oh, fuck you!

   991-4  Unknown - What, two calls on the same day?  Well, this must be important.  Look, I have a deadline that I am working on.  I do not have time to deal with your telemarketing scam.  I do, however, have plenty of time to write about this here.  I mean, what the fuck kind of number is 991-4?  I will tell you. They some how hide/route their number so you cannot track it.  Oh, and good luck trying to call them back with that number.  Fuck you!

   UNKNOWN - Really?  I just got done typing the above and this fucking terrorist calls.  Fuck you!

So far, three calls today.
   991-4  Unknown - Make that four calls, three from this number.  Fuck you in the ass with a telephone pole!

9 September 2015
   310-849-7226 Beverly Hills, CA - This may be just a wrong number, or it could be a telemarketer in disguise.  Who knows?  I did a quick search and nothing came up.  Better be on the safe side and report this as enemy fire until we can confirm target.  Fuck you!

10 September 2015
   728-727-9654 Mexico - I had to look this one up, since there was no location on the caller ID.  Yeah, you read correctly...the 728 area code is apparently from Mexico.  Who the fuck is calling me from Mexico?  Anyway, the search also tells me that this some sort of credit card scam. So, fuck you!

14 September 2015
  213-669-9133  Los Angeles Area - Shit!  Looks like the telemarketers are picking up this month.  We had a pretty calm August.  Fucking telemarketers, literally nothing better to do...even though it is their job to harass the fine citizens of this community.  Fuck you!

Scam ad for bootleg products
17 September 2015
   heminshebangeer@hotmail.com - Another one of those fucking text messages.  This one was via iMessage, so I should be free to me...but, still.  Fuck that shit.  Clogging my inbox with shit advertisements with bootleg products.  Yeah, I doubt these fuckers are legit.  I mean what kind of name is 'heminshebangeer'?  Fuck you!

25 September 2015
   323-609-6016  Los Angeles, CA  - Did you get your new iPhone 6s/6s Plus?  Well, if you did...you may have received a call from this fucknut.  God damn it, I fucking hate telemarketers. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!

30 September 2015
  646-893-5423 - New York - It is funny how everyone in New York thinks they are the shit...kinda like how everyone in Los Angeles thinks.. Well, fuck the both of you.

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