19 August 2015


Sometimes there is a long gap between telemarketer calls. It had been about nineteen days since the last call. Wow, that is almost three weeks.

19 August 2015
  949-535-4256  Irvine, CA - I almost answered this since I know some people in the Irvine area.  Then, I thought to myself, "that person would never call", and "their name would show up if it was a legit call".  I like that there is caller ID on phones, now.  

Hey, remember back in the day when your phone rang and you immediately picked up.  You know, not because you were desperate, but because if someone called, you knew it had to be important.  Not any more.  These days a phone call means nothing. I mean, this a typical conversation on a phone:

You:  Yo, what up?
Them:  Nuthin'.
You:  A'ight then, peace.
Them:  Word.

This is why the youngens text now.  They do not even want to use the phone. Back in the day, when there were cords on the phone.  You had long conversations, like this post.  You were locked in chained to the telephone. You were not going anywhere, might as well talk it out.  

Ah, the best thing about those phones is you could slam the receiver down and really make guy's ear ring.  The best 'fuck you', via phone. 

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