31 December 2014


If you are a frequent reader of this series, you might be wondering, "where is the December 2014 issue?"  Well, I was on vacation for most of the month.  This mean I had my phone turned off.  When I go on vacation, I go on vacation, no mobile or internet.  Well, mainly because I was out of the country and too cheap to pay for roaming and internet charges.  Anyway, we should get to the last call of the year.

31 December 2014
   918-930-9160   Westville, OK - No, not OK.  I think I used that joke the last time I got a telemarketer from Oklahoma.  While I am not surprised, I am impressed that these fuckers are so dedicated into scamming us.  I mean, they are calling on New Year's Eve.  That is dedication...fuck you and your dedication.

Even though I had my phone turned off for about three weeks this month, the terrorists managed to call.  I almost had a telemarketer-free month.  The only telemarketer-free month I have had, since October 2010, was December 2012.

Oh hey, October 2015 will mark the fifth anniversary of this series.  I am excited (not really) to bring you more telemarketing rants inn 2015.

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