22 December 2014

DMC Holiday Ornaments

Special day, today.  Five years ago, I went down to DMC-California and took a first look at the DeLorean I would eventually purchase.

This is also a special time of year for most as the Holidays are here, Christmas is a few days away, the year is winding down, and a new year begins as we start 2015.  Oh, I have a feeling there will be some exciting DeLorean related things happening in 2015.  Actually, I know there are some things planned.

Anyway, I got a package from DeLorean Motor Company.  Well, I ordered some stuff, so I was kinda expecting it.  Just play along.

Best wrapping paper, ever
I ordered a complete set of DeLorean Holiday Ornaments.  Back in 2004, DMC released their first ornament, limited to 500, individually numbered.  I noticed these back in the day during my many visits to the DMC website.  But, I never got any as they were a bit pricy.  Plus, at the time, I did not have a DeLorean.  Although, I did have a key blank.

When I finally got my car, it was really pricey to get the set and catch up to the current release of the series.  It meant I need to order 'back issues' of six ornaments.  I believe they started at $25 and when up as the older they were.  The investment would have been around $150-200.

In 2013, DMC ended the series at ten ornaments.  Getting all ten would have made about a $350-$400 dent in my wallet.  That is almost a price of a left front fender.  Having a complete numbered set was not a priority, but I would love a set.

A few weeks ago, DMC sent out their Holiday mailer with a special price of $99 for a complete set of the ornaments (with non-matching numbers).  What?  For the price of about three ornaments, I could get the whole set?  Sign me up!  A matched set would set you back $400.

Complete set of ten DMC Holiday Ornaments (grille emblem not part of set)
The package came the other day and to my surprise, this is almost a complete numbered set.  All but one (2004) had matching numbers.  Close enough.
  • 2004 - Front view, with doors up. Cast in pewter with painted red bow.
  • 2005 - Iconic pose, right side view with doors up.  Cast in pewter with "Happy Holidays" In door way and dangling snowflake from door in gold plate. 
  • 2006 - Rear view with a string of lights along rear fascia.  Cast in pewter, painted light bulbs and taillights.
  • 2007 - Left side view, with tree on roof (and most likely on a luggage rack).  Cast in pewter, painted tree, "2007" painted in red.
  • 2008 - Porcelain circle with image of DeLorean and Santa Clause.  Includes red ribbon.  Rear has DMC logo and list of the six DMC franchises.
  • 2009 - Not sure what metal this is cast in.  Polished finished of the DMC wheel.
  • 2010 - Polished thin metal ornament, with intricate detail.  "Happy Holidays 2010" in red
  • 2011 - Porcelain DMC logo.  Painted in silver with black trim and adorned with holly.
  • 2012 - Crystal disc with faceted edge.  Image of DeLorean etched.
  • 2013 - Polished finish, low front view with doors up. 
Finally seeing these up close, I would highly recommend getting a set or some individual ornaments if you are a DeLorean fanboy like myself.  These are quality items and really well crafted.

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Martini said...

My favourite is the 2006.