14 November 2014

Tool Pen - Kickstarter

Tool Pen by mininch

One can never have too many tools.  Especially, something as elegant and useful as this.  I came upon the Tool Pen by mininch on Kickstarter.  It was a Staff Pick, and you can see why.  The campaign wanted to raise a mere $7000 and ended up getting almost $275,000 in their funding, with over 4,600 backers.

The genius of this gadget is its compact design.  You can carry six bits at a time in your Tool Pen, using there 'Pop-A-Point' system.  Most quick jobs will not require more than three or four tool bits anyway.  Plus, you can have additional bits to pop in as needed.

I was one of the many that backed this project back in August, and today I got my reward.  So excited.

Simple packaging
The item came in a shipper pouch and inside was a simple brown box with simple graphics.  I like simple, it does not complicated things.  Another thing I like, the package contains all recyclable cardboard.  I also like boxes, and this is a cool box.

This is what you get
There were several versions of the kit available.  This included three finishes and bit configurations depending on your needs. I chose the Snow Silver Premium package.  This package comprised of the Tool Pen body and 13 tool bits.  There were options to add more bits, but I had no use for those other bits.  Looking back, I probably should have ordered them, just so I have a complete set of bits for the Tool Pen. I may have to stock up on bits when they become available again.

Tool Pen and bits
The thirteen bits in my kit included three slotted screwdriver bits (SL3, SL4, SL4.5), two Phillips bits, (PH1, PH2), metric hex bits (H2, H2.5, H3, H4), and four Torx bits (T10, T15, T20, T25).  These are common sizes and pretty much all I need.  Anything special, I would have to dig into my tool box to find.

A nice added feature is the cap is magnetically held into place. The only flaw is, there is no where to put the cap when you are using the tool.  You cannot have it placed on the end, as it would get in the way or pop off whilst torquing down a screw.  This is a minor flaw and the magnetic cap more than makes up for it. I like magnets, too.

Bits marked with type and size
Each bit is clearly marked with the size and type.  This can been seen through the window of the Tool Pen so you know which bits are in the chamber.  By simply removing the first bit and pushing it the chain for bits forward, you can rotate through your tools.  Obviously, new bits can be introduced at anytime, with a limit of six in the Tool Pen.


  • 14.8cm long with cap on
  • 1.7cm wide from corner to corner
  • 1.5cm wide from side to side
  • 91.5 grams with six bits and cap on

For more information, check out their website at www.mininch.com

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