05 November 2014


So, did you adjust your clocks?  It is 2014 and we are still adjusting our clocks.  One that annoys me more than going around readjusting clocks twice a year is telemarketers.

5 November 2014
   310-598-2578  Los Angeles, CA - A return caller.  Funny, I did a search just to see what kind of scam these fuckers were running.  I was thinking it was a some sort of poll or election campaign. But that shit was all done with yesterday.  Anyway, one of the links that popped up was this site...I found me on Google.  So, welcome to if you too found me via Google.  Fuck Daylight Savings and Standard Time, there should be one time...no losing/gaining an hour. I feel like I am on a diet lose a pound and fall back, gain a pound and spring forward.  Oh, and fuck you, telemarketers.

24 November 2014
   860-866-2577  Norwich, CT - Wow, it has been so long since the last call.  It almost feels like that bullshit Do Not Call Registry actually works.  No matter, I have given up on that shit years ago.  Anyway, it had been so long, I did a Google search on this number.  Apparently, your typical credit card scam.  Shock!  So, fuck you, Connecticut...even though I am sure that they are routing their calls from a undisclosed location.

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