30 September 2014

Nerdwax - Kickstarter

Nerdwax, the Original Glasses Wax

I stumbled onto this on Kickstarter and thought it was a fun product.  Sometimes a great name is good enough to sell a product.  They were funded over twelve times their goal.  Nerdwax is wax applied to the bridge of your glasses to keep them up.  Anyone with glasses knows the constant routine of pushing up their spectacles every few minutes.  Oh gravity, you so funny.

All natural waxes are blended to create a non-slip coating to prevent your glasses from slipping off your nose.

Applying Nerdwax to glasses
The application is simple.  Just rub the wax onto the nose pad of your glasses, as if you are applying lip gloss. Only instead of smooth, moist lips...you have a sticky nose pad.  The residue can be easily removed by wiping with finger or tissue.  The all natural materials means it does no irritate the skin...at least, I have no have any problems yet.  Make sure you are not allergic to beeswax and other natural waxes.

The weather here is a little warm, so my wax is a little on the soft side.  It makes it hard to get a smooth coat of wax, as it chunks up.  I am sure once the weather gets a little cooler, it will glide on more consistently.  Placing the wax in a cool place may help.

Because of the width of the tube, I found it hard to get into the corners.  Perhaps using a smaller diameter applicator, like a Softlips tube, would make it easier in this situation.

Hard to read areas
I have been using this for about a week and it seems to work like it is supposed to.  Depending on how greasy your nose is and oh often you take on/off your glasses, the wax lasts about 2-3 days.  I think I have a pretty greasy face, so each application lasts me about a day.  Perhaps I am not putting enough on, or not applying it correctly.

I notice that I only have slipping issues on full plastic frames.  Frames with separate or rubber-like nose pads and/or temples tend to have better grip anyway.  There is no need, at least for me, to use it on these type of frames.

You use very little, so a tube could last a few months, maybe even up to a year.  If you have trouble keeping your glasses up, give this a try.  You can order from their website at Nerdwax.com for $10 a tube.  

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