03 September 2014

FUCK YOU, STOP CALLING ME - September 2014

Ah, September.  Summer is coming to an end.  The days are getting shorter.  Kids are going back to school. Changes are in the air.  You know what never changes?  Fucking telemarketers will always call you.

3 September 2014
   855-608-8509 Unknown - Unknown to me, but not unknown to Google.  Text book phishing and telemarketer scam.  This is your basic telebot with some sort of credit card scam...I mean "offer".   This was a bot.  The machines are rising.  Run, everyone run...or just hang up on them.  Fuck the machines.

Update:  Please read the comment regarding the number above.  Great insight...and thanks for your contribution...sorry you were fucked by the telebot.

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Image above shows the top searches, in less than 24 hours, that lead you here.  As of this update, there have been over 100 views of this post.  Welcome.

5 September 2014
   612-351-3173  MN, USA - Well one good thing about this call...it reminded me that I need to charge my phone.  Other than that, it is the same old bullshit, telemarketers.  I kinda wish that the battery was already dead, so I do not have to deal with this shit.  I hope you fucking freeze to death this winter.  Fuck you!

18 September 2014
  541-569-4753   Lostine, OR - What the fuck is a 'Lostine'?  Surely, your town can think of a better name than that.  Perhaps it is named after a settler, John Lostine of the Telemarketer, Harasser of the Free World.  Fuck you and your bannerman, may you all rot in seven hells.  Yeah, I have been watching Game of Thrones.  You know this telemarketer shit would not be accepted in that world.  Not just because they do not have phones.  Bring me the head of every Lostine. Fuck you!

24 September 2014
  310-598-2578 Los Angeles, CA - Seems legit...only because I recognize the area code...but we all know this is a fucking terrorist telemarketer calling.  Anyway, it seems like a light month for telemarketers.  Although, there is about a week left to really rack up those frequent harassment miles.  And...fuck you!

25 September 2014
   773-217-1707  IL, USA - Ah, see?  They have to meet their quota.  It really does not matter who calls, they are all the same.  Telemarketers are one entity, one entity that needs to be crushed.  Oh on, not crushed by me.  I am just here to bitch about it on my blog, I have no power and I am too lazy to do anything, other than write about it.  I do write it for your enjoyment as well.  Anyway, fuck you, telemarketers!


Anonymous said...

I received a caller ID 855-608-8509 indicating Barclay’s Bank Fraud Prevention Department asking for me.
If it was not me, they ask you to call back a number…

Since I said was me, I got forwarded asking for my 16 digit credit card numbers or social security number…
I punched in 00000000000000 and they told me that is not a valid number… then asked if I need more time to
get my card… punch 1… so I did… then I came back and punched 0000000000 again…

What is scary is… when I called my bank - the number listed behind the credit card… I noted… same voice,
same questions… to provide either 16 digit credit card numbers or social security number… before connecting to
a customer service agent…




Anonymous said...

Same only it said Mastercard world acct. I called back 2 days later and said no such number.