04 August 2014


I know you came here because you Googled some fucking telemarketer that called you.  That is a shame on more than one account. The rest of my blog is somewhat interesting, but like life it is tainted by telemarketers.  This is why you are here.  Well, if you have time check out the other stuff I write about.  It may not be the best...not even close...but it is (slightly) better than my rants.

4 August 2014
   334-219-7703 AL, USA - Did not even have to Google this one.  Once I saw the origin was Alabama, I just knew it was some fucking telemarketer.  Not like I have friends there...I know for damn sure that I do not have any family there.  I also have no desire to go there, especially now that I know there are telemarketers there.  So, fuck you!

11 August 2014
   571-364-0138  VA, USA - Why is there a West Virginia and no East Virginia?  That has bugged me for a long time, but not as much as fucknugget telemarketers.  Fuck you Virginia, you should be East Virginia.

15 August 2014
   562-988-7793  Long Beach, CA - Well, this could be a wrong number.  But, since I got another call a few minutes later...upon further review...I am classifying this as a telemarketer call.  I could be wrong, and this is a simple miss dialed number.  Just to be safe, fuck you!

   518-568-8458  NY, USA - A ha!  Hunting high and low on Google, I found that this is a telemarketer.  Which leads me to believe the previous call is also.  I call your name and your name is 'telemarketer'.  The sun always shines on TV, but a storm of douche baggery hits the phone lines.  You try to take on me, fuck you!

27 August 2014
   724-490-6234  PA, USA - Hmm...Pennsylvania.  Could it be?  I was hanging out with Sidney Crosby on his birthday, and I told him to call me if he needed any hockey tips.  So, he called me.  Oh wait, that was a total lie and I wasted your time...exactly what telemarketers do...they lie to you and waste your time.  They also no know nothing about hockey.  

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