20 June 2014

DeLorean Car Show 2014 - Part II

Packard Museum
Friday, 13 June 2014

Ken Koncelik had a big day of events planned for convention attendees that included trips to various car museums and private garages in the Dayton area.  First stop the Packard Museum. John DeLorean worked for Packard before he worked at General Motors.

One of the many cars in the Packard Museum

Packards have awesome hood ornaments

Big sign made from a big rock
About two blocks away was the Taj Ma Garj, a private collection of German cars.  The collection included unique examples of Volkswagens and Porsches, along with unique pieces of random art.  It definitely has a different feel from your normal 'museum'.

Rot Iron VW Beetle

Porsche Carrera GT

Carrera GT license plate, and my Tag Heuer Carrera watch

Slammed VW Beetle
Upstairs is a video game room.

 Next stop is Jim Arnet's private collection cars.  Almost every car had its hood up to display the engine. 

Hoods up

Would have love to see this with the hood down
Euro Classics is a full service auto shop with a collection of really expensive cars.  I mean, really expensive.  Hoods are down here, so you can see how expensive they are.

Shelby Cobra

Ferrari Testarossa

 This Amphicar is supposed to be the world's most accurate Amphicar.  So weird, yet so awesome.   It drives on land and water.

Really expensive cars

Aston Martin DB5
Finally got to see an Aston Martin DB5 up close.  This would have been helpful a few months back as I was/am working on the James Bond DB5 from Goldfinger for Hot Wheels Elite.

Last stop was Carillon Historic Park.  The attractions include on the the Wright Brothers' planes and a replica of their bike shop.  You will also learn about the history of Dayton and its contributions to the world such as the cash register and the pop top can.

Cash registers were invented in Dayton
This how pop tops are punched from a strip of aluminum
Wright Flyer III

Deeds Carillon
After a long day of visiting museums, it was back to the hotel for dinner and evening events.

Like DCS 2012, I had a presentation to give.  My presentation was a modified version of one from Orlando.

This guys has no idea what he is talking about

My presentation is different from most presenters.  While others talk about the DeLorean car or the company, I talk about toys.  Since 2012, I had acquired more information on the history and relationship of the original DeLorean Motor Company and Mattel.  Like last time, I gave those in attendance a sneak peek of that is to come from Hot Wheels regarding the DeLorean and Back to the Future Time Machine.

JLPMOVIES is working on a DeLorean documentary
One of  the great things about events like this is making new friends and meeting up with old ones.  I met Jordan Livingston of JLPMOVIES back in Orlando.  He is working on a DeLorean documentary that I may be a part of...if I do not end up on the cutting room floor.

To Be Concluded...

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Martini said...

The biggest surprise for me on the museum tour was that old Porsche diesel tractor at Taj Ma Garaj. Who'd a thunk it?