10 March 2012

Bob Gale and I Are Best Friends

I took some photos of the items signed by Bob Gale.  Enjoy

Japanese movie programs
These are rare Japanese movie programs.  The Japanese go all out when there is a movie release.  They make these programs to hand out to movie goers to give them a little information on the movie.  Bob Gale personalized each one.

Back to the Future - "Have a wonderful FUTURE->!"
Back to the Future Part II - "Best wishes for the FUTURE->!"
Back to the Future Part III - "May your FUTURE-> always be bright!"

I like that he puts a little arrow in FUTURE, like the logo.  Nice touch.

Hand painted cell from the animated series
 I got this at one of the Open House events at DMC-California.  Another rare item, this one is truly one-of-a-kind.  Personalized with "GREAT SCOTT!"

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive
This was the highlight at San Diego Comic Con last year...at least for Back to the Future fans.  Sold out within the hour.  Luckily, as the designer of the car, I have a few.  This one means a lot to me.  It is as if, Bob 'signed off' on it with his approval.  We had a few lying around, and me sure he went home with a couple of these. Another one personalized with "GREAT SCOTT!"

"GREAT SCOTT!"  This was made by Sal Celeste.  Designed to replace the cubby hole door behind the driver.  It looks too good to hide behind the seat, and I am too lazy to mount the hardware.  If you have a DeLorean and you have a chance to get you hands on one of these, do not hesitate, it is worth it.  Quality piece of work, Sal.

Yes, that is a figure of Troy McClure that I have, always sitting in my car.  Troy McClure, of course, owns a DeLorean, as seen in  Season 7, Episode 19 of The Simpsons.

Troy McClure's DeLorean

Passenger side of my car
Having Bob Gale sign your DeLorean, and writing "Drive at 88!"...achievement unlocked!


PerryPie said...

I hate commenting on your blog because of the verification thing.

Best nerd haul ever man!

PerryPie said...

Comment verification still there. But thanks for linking!