03 March 2014


Hey, new month.  You would think there are new callers.  No, same fucking assholes, as always.

3 March 2014
   310-734-1306  Beverly Hills, CA - Again, first Monday of the month.  These fuckers are right on it.  Oh, did I mention that this is a return caller?  Yeah, even calling exactly one month ago, today.  It works out just right since February was a short, twenty eight day, month.  So, I should be getting a call on the fifth.  Meanwhile, fuck you.

24 March 2014
   937-203-4263  OH, USA - Hmm, slow month?  So what has been happening the last three weeks?  Were you on vacation?  Just when you think that Do No Call List is working, in comes this fuck nut from Ohio.  Ah, it has been so long.  Just like how you have been itching to call, I have been itching to say, "fuck you!"

30 March 2014
   rockmanfzl@hotmail.com - Yes, this was a text message.  That totally counts as telemarketing and spamming in my book.  It also costs me twenty cents.  So, they owe me.  Anyway, these fuckers are trying to sell shitty sunglasses under the guise of raybansshopz.com.  'Shopz'?  Oh, how professional...fuck you, I hope the sun burns out your retinas.

31 March 2014
   331-000-0001  Unknown - What the fuck kind of number is this?  It says 'unknown, but a quick search on Google states that 331 area code is somewhere in Illinois.  But what is with all the zeros?  Well, fuck these guys.  But good on you for getting in before the end of the month.  

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