05 November 2013

Mounting Bracket for MOLLE System

I happened to stumble up on this great design by Peak Design.  The Capture Camera Clip allows you to mount any camera on any strap.  The optional mount accessories, like the POV Kit,  also lets you adjust angles of the mounted camera.  I love this simple design

POV Kit by Peak Design
Only two things kept me from getting one.  One, it is on back order.  Two, I am cheap and I think I can make a cheaper one.  By cheaper, I mean both financially and quality.

I recently got this cool backpack that uses the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) System.  I may write more about my Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Litespeed backpack.  This is a military grade pack, there are a bunch of straps for you to mount addition pouches using the MOLLE System.  For now, here is a photo for your reference.

FAST Pack Litespeed by Triple Aught Design
The MOLLE System is also incorporated into the shoulder straps.  Here is a chance to design a simple mounting bracket that will work for both the vertical shoulder straps and horizontal straps throughout the rest of the pack.  So, I came up with this design.

Rough sketches of mounting bracket

My design is loosely based on Peak Design's bracket.  I just have two simple plates with a square footprint.  The slotted plate slides into the MOLLE straps.

Simple bracket for MOLLE Sytem
The upper plate just screws on to the slotted plate.  On the slotted plate, there is a 'bar' that keeps the plate from shifting when slid into the MOLLE straps.  A GoPro mount is stuck on using double sided tape.

Slotted plate slid between the verticals shoulder straps
Mounting the plates is simple.  Just slide the slotted plate in between the straps.  Place top plate, secure with four screws.  The plate were laser cut from a 0.100" styrene.  Not the strongest, but you get what you pay for...this cost me nothing.  The holes on the bottom plate (slotted) was tapped using a 10-32 tap.  Holes on the top plate are slightly larger so the plates can be 'pulled' together.

Plate screwed together
Once the four screws are in place, the bracket is secure.  I chose screws that I can hand tighten, no need for tools.

GoPro camera mounted on bracket
With the backpack on, and the curve of my manly chest, the plate points outward about 10 degrees.  Unfortunately, the angle of the camera is not adjustable for left and right, only up and down movement.  Again, you get what you pay for.

Bracket can me mounted on horizontal MOLLE straps
My design also allows the bracket to be mounted anywhere around the backpack.  The mounted object can be vertical or horizontal, depending on the direction one mounts the top plate.  While there is no need to mount the camera on back of the backpack, unless I happen to want a rear view camera, the bracket will work with any MOLLE system, such as a vest.  The bracket can be used for other purposes other than for a camera.  So, it just adds to the MOLLE system.  I may just have a few more sets cut out for future use.  Maybe I can mount lights or make an MP3 holder with my bracket.

There maybe something like this out there, right how.  I am too lazy to research that.  Perhaps someone will see this post, or me with the bracket, and steal improve upon my design and bring something like this to market.

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