07 November 2013


Wow, over a week between calls.  That time change must have messed up their internal clocks.  Which is the only 'benefit' to setting clocks back and forth - fucking up everyones' internal clocks.  That is a lame argument, since I get calls at various times during the day and from multiple time zones.

7 November 2013
   304-988-4693  WV, USA - Hey, first call from West Virginia.  Not that it matters, I still wish ill will on your sorry ass.  Why is there not an East Virgina?  There is a North and South for Carolina and Dakota.  I think Virgina should change its name to East Virgina.  Obviously, West Virgina was an afterthought.  Oh, better yet...change West Virgina to Next to Virgina.

   414-232-5011  WI, USA - Hello, Wisconsin...fuck off, Wisconsin!

11 November 2013
   617-273-8317  MA, USA - I looked up the nunber.  Could be a legit wrong number, or it could be a fucking telemarketer.  Either way...just to be safe...fuck you.

26 November 2013
   925-420-1433  East San Francisco Bay Area - I bet you are wondering why there was a big gap in between calls.  Well, I was out of town and I turned off my phone for the entire trip.  So, no calls received...but the automated telebot kept rambling while my outgoing message played and they sort of left a message.  I am on vacation, fuck you.

27 November 2013
   925-420-1432  East San Francisco Bay Area - Wow, such an innovative tactic.  Call me from another line that is just one number off.  Brilliant!  Too bad, I am still on vacation.  Even if I was not on vacation, I still would not pick up...and, fuck you.

30 November 2013
   325-423-0276  Llano, TX - One last call before the end of the month.  Saturday morning calls are the best.  A chance to sleep in and some fucker calls you, trying to sell you shit you do not need.  Fuck you. 

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