18 July 2013

Gull Wing Vs. Pigeon

Three years ago, I killed a bird with my bike.  Today, I killed another bird.  This time with the DeLorean.  Gull wing - 1, pigeon - 0.

I was driving home and noticed that a pigeon was on the road in front of me.  I was hoping it would see and hear my car coming and fly away.  Instead, it just stared at me with that one eye.  These are stupid birds.  The only hope was that it would safely pass under the car.  Well, since my car is lowered, that was not going to happen.  I felt the bump and saw a puff of feathers in the rear view mirror.  I only hope it was painless.  Oh hey, I have a video of it

Sorry for the bad video.  You can sort of see that it was just sitting there waiting to be hit.  I am totally ruling this as a suicide.  Also, a photo of some feathers under my car.  No blood or other bird parts that I can see, just the two puffs of down feather.

White 'puffs' are feathers from a pigeon
Maybe I will clean the crime scene this weekend and put my air deflector plates back on.  Looks like I will need a 'bird deflector' on my car as well.

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Martini said...

I hate killing animals with my car. I feel SO guilty. On the other hand, there are a few humans I wouldn't feel so bad about.