27 July 2013

Google AdSense

As you may have noticed, the ads are gone.  Why?  My account was suspended then disabled by Google.  I realize that I am biting the hand that feeds me.  Face it, I was not generating a lot of money from this blog.  So, this blog is once again ad free.

A couple of years ago, I figured I could make some spare dough by signing up with Google AdSense.  I had a few videos on YouTube that was getting a fare amount of views.  Meanwhile, this blog was getting some traffic.  My only goal was to earn about $10 a year to cover the cost of registering this domain name.  Anything extra was just extra, and there was very little extra.  Heck, why not make a little (very little) money on the side, since others are doing the same off my blog?

I think in two years of the program I 'earned' $100, pretty good.  I would check on my daily earnings, it averaged $3-5 a month.  The program does not pay you until you reach $100...so, it can take two years (at least for this site that no one really reads) to reach that goal.  Trust me, no one really reads this blog.

There is one person that I can think of that comes here on a regular basis.  Hey, Marty!  The rest is from Google searches.  There are only a handful, not even a handful, a pinch of reasons one would visit this site.  You were looking for the following:
  • Telemarketing information - You received a call from an unknown number, you looked it up on Google, and it brought you here.
  • DeLorean information - search for terms like DeLorean Luggage Rack, DeLorean Window Switches, Lowering Front End of DeLorean, DeLorean Car Show, etc., and Google brought you here.
  • Nike Air MAG information - I recently wrote about how to spot the differences between real Nike MAG's and the fake ones.  This has become a popular topic, recently.  Again, thanks to a Google search, it lead you here.
  • Random reviews - Everyone does reviews, I am no different and definitely no better than anyone else.  Just my honest opinion on certain products and movies, with my sense of humour.
  • Random rants - I love going off on a rant and some of you feel the same.  Things like my Zack Syder is a Hack series.  I cannot believe he is doing a Superman/Batman buddy cop film.  Believe me, there will be another part of this series once that movie comes out.  I do have other rants you may be interested in.
As you can see, I am all over the place with my topics.  Hey, this blog is for me.  It just happens that my interests will occasionally cross paths with others.  Believe me, the only reason you are reading this is, you searched one of the terms and it brought you here.  Perhaps you are interested in Google AdSense, or you were lead here because you typed in some DeLorean I  listed above.

Well apparently, there was some 'illegal activity' on my blog.  The ads on this blog were being illegally clicked on, therefore generating money.  Too much money.  My few cents of earnings a day, turned into about $10-20 a day.  That is a huge jump.  Based on the traffic of about 100 views a day, it did not compute with Google.

Long story short, I got an email informing me that my account was suspended.  I had a chance to appeal, so I did.  Upon further review, and I am pretty sure they read my appeal and really looked into it...at the end, I was denied reinstatement.

I am sure there is no way there was a glitch in the mainframe.  We all know that computer glitches and crashed never happen, so it cannot be that, and I have to be at fault.  Heck, who clicks on ads anyway?  Like everyone else, I just ignore them.  So, no more ads.  I will just have to budget the $10 to register my domain.


Suzanne Zandbergen said...
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Martini said...

I think you are like my long-lost brother! Our blogs and reasons for writing them, and money we make off them are practically identical. Except, I think I make even less than you do. I started my adsense a few years ago and it jumped up to $50 pretty quick (about 1 year), then just died down. I haven't hit $100 yet. hahaha. If you want my two cents... I bet it was Zack Syder who found your blog and decided to mess with you. Dick.

Martini said...

p.s. the deleted comment was me, under my wife's account by accident.