22 December 2012

Visiting DMC Florida

Jumping for joy in front of Gulf Coast Motorworks
Back in June, I was in Orlando for the DeLorean Car Show.  Since I was out there, I wanted to visit DMC-Florida in Bonita Springs.  Because there was so much going on at the event, I figured that Tony Ierardi and his crew were going to be way to busy to take time to entertain any 'visitors'.  The visit to DMC-Florida would have to wait.

Luckily, we would return to Florida for our annual vacation.  We usually go on a cruise for our big trip, this  one happened to leave from Fort Lauderdale.  I figured that since we were in the same state, why not head over and visit Tony.  Sure, it would cost a few hundred dollars more with hotel, car rental, and food fees...but this is a journey that DeLorean fanatics need to make.  We traveled by plane, boat, and car to get there.

The showroom featuring many DeLoreans and other exotic cars
DeLorean Motor Company Florida is the first franchise under the New DeLorean Motor Company, and is under Tony's parent company Gulf Coast Motorworks.  This place is state of the art and spot less.  I have seen hospitals that are dirtier than DMC-Florida.

Air conditioned shop and spotless
Some of the neat features of the shop include air conditioned work area.  The hot Florida sun is not a problem in this shop. The mechanics are comfortable and have one less thing to worry about, so they can concentrate on your car.  It really is like an operating room, although not as cold.

Restoration work on a Countach
The shop works on all types of cars, specializing in DeLoreans, of course, Italian sports cars, classic sports cars, and vintage race cars.  In addition to regular maintenance and restoration, Gulf Coast Motorworks also acts an official dealer/distributor of exotic cars.

Oh look, a flying DeLorean
Like I said, clean. They even have exhaust ports built into the ground that suck out the exhaust fumes to the outside. A hose can be connected to the exhaust so the shop is still air conditioned. Genius!

Tony and his wife Liz gave us a tour of the facilities
Lots of customer cars just waiting to be worked on, these are not for sale
Trouble makers
Tony gave us the grand tour and the history of his time with the franchise.  His is the second largest DeLorean shop, behind DMC in Texas, and the only one that works on other cars.

In my quest to have my car put together with parts from all the DMC franchises, what better time than now to acquire a 'missing' part.  I do have the new Fuel Pump/Sender Unit from DMC-Florida, but that should be installed by someone more qualified.  One thing I should be able to install myself, windshield wipers.  I kinda need new windshield wipers...since mine are just over thirty years old.  Not that I use them that much in Southern California weather...or lack of weather.  Still, nice to have wipers that work properly when the marine layer comes in.

Quick lesson in windshield wiper removal and installation
Tony gave me a quick tutorial on how to removal and install windshield wipers.  I will admit that I did not know exactly how to do this, now I do.  The original wipers I have are slightly different than the current ones being offered by DMC.  More on this in a later post.

But first, more pictures...less words.

Adjustable 2WD/4WD dynometer

Original Lamborghini Countach wheels made by Campolongo, yes the same Campolongo that makes high end bike parts.

Tony's Ferrari 308

Replica and original Shelby's
They have a lot of cool stuff at Gulf Coast Motorworks. 

An original Futaba PCM FP-T8SGA-P, sitting on Tony's desk

Legends Industry Twin Turbo

One of the brushing tools from the factory
Tony has even cooler stuff in his office.

My 'travel DeLorean' parked next to about ten real DeLoreans

Customer cars waiting to be worked on

One of many DeLoreans parked in the lot
So, three down...three to go.  I have visited DMC-California, DMC-Texas, and now, DMC-Florida.  Still need to make it up to DMC-Northwest, DMC-Midwest, and across to DMC-Europe.  Some day.

Hanging out with Tony at DMC-Florida
Special thanks to the people at Gulf Coast Motorworks and very special thanks to Tony and Liz for taking the time to show us around and hooking me up with windshield wipers and some magazines as a parting gift.

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