26 August 2012

DeLorean Air Deflector Plates

The Air Deflector Plates on a DeLorean are considered by most as useless.  Many owners have removed theirs.  What are these plates and where are they suppose to go and do?  Well, if we raise the DeLorean and get an upskirt shot, we see where it goes.

Upskirt shot of DeLorean, showing Air Deflector Plates
I assume from the name, it 'deflects air'.  Where?  I have no clue.  Looks like it channels the air to cool the engine...or maybe the wheels to cool the brakes.  Many think its main purpose is to cover the trailing arm and protect it from debris.

Anyway, I used to have them.  See the picture above.  For some reason, they are not there anymore.  Well, there is a reason.  My guess is, when I took it in for service, I needed an alignment...and either DMC-CA or the alignment shop, removed the plates and 'forgot' to put them back on.  You need to remove the plates in order to gain access to the trailing arm for alignment adjustment.   It has been over a year since I has this done, I just happen to be underneath my car one day and noticed that I was missing these plates.  Off to eBay.

Air Deflector Plates - 'outside'
Air Deflector Plates - 'inside'
I found a set of plates.  They were a good price, less than half of OEM ones.  So, I went ahead and got them...in case I even want to put them on, again.  As you can see in the pictures, these were used, dirty, and painted.  When I got them in, I saw that the 'inside' had grease splatter, while the 'outside' had a tar based coating on it. 

Soap, water, and a lot of scrubbing and scraping took care of the grease.  The tar coating took a little more effort.  I took it to work and sand blasted the paint off.  It took about an hour to do both plates.  The end result was almost new looking parts.

Cleaned 'inside' of Air Deflector Plates
Cleaned 'outside' of Air Deflector Plates
Sandblasting left a little 'texture' to the finish. I may or may not clear coat it to protect it better.  There are still rust stains from other metal parts that were in contact with the aluminum plates.  But, that is not a big deal.  I went through all that trouble, and I might no even put it back on my car.  At least I have then if I even want protect my trailing arm or 'deflect air'.

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Martini said...

A friend used brake fluid to clean his. They look fantastic, but I'm not sure if I want to touch brake cleaner for an hour as I scrub mine. Have fun deflecting air!