28 March 2012

Hoverboard Logic

Well, if you missed the deadline for ordering your hoverboard, you will have to wait until the Fall to get a chance to order one...at possibly a higher price, and no mini hoverboard.  Hey, you had 20 days to do it...and it was extended another 7 days.  A full month.  No excuses.  Bet you wish you had a time machine right about now.

This is the part where I go off into a tangent. People keep saying that "hover technology will not be invented until 2015".

First of all, the idea of hovering is pretty much impossible without some sort of track system. There is nothing to repel or push off of. There is no way of cornering or steering something that hovers...unless the entire town is paved with some sort of mag-lev tech...translation, pretty much impossible.   The laws of physics simply does not allow this idea to happen.

Yes, we have all seen the viral videos of people making floating boards. But, all they do is float in one space, it cannot stray away from the specific magnetic field. There are trains and roller coasters that float on magnetic tracks, this is the only way to directionally control hovering technology. Ugh, what about the weight of the rider? A kids' ride-on usually has a weight limit, when you factor in various weigh on a floating object, there will be problems with keeping a board floating at about four inches off the ground. Physics, people...think about it.

Second, why to people keep stating the 2015 date? If the technology was invented in 2015, it would take years, perhaps decades before it would be implemented into a toy or product for kids. Logically speaking, the hover technology would have to be invented sometime around 2010 or so. Also, not every kid would have the latest toys. I have a PS3, it is about five years old. I drive a car that is over 30 years old. Point is, almost everything I own was not invented/made/purchased this year. What if the kids hovering in the movie had the hoverboard since Christmas of 2014?

So, are we to believe that everyone in town has got this hovering technology? Okay, what about Griff and his Pit Bull? Everyone knows that hoverboards do not work on water, this is why you need rocket power, like the Pit Bull. So hovering is invented in 2015...and immediately there is a board out there with rockets? No!

In a logical timeline, hovering technology would be invented in, say 2015...a few years later, it gets cheap enough to put into everyday product.  This is where you have boards for 'professionals' and maybe some for folks with a lot of money.  Give it a few more months, and the technology should hit the public market.  Griff's gang would not get their recreational hoverboards until about 2021.  At around the same time, the idea of putting rockets to aid in water use could start.  This means that around 2023 Griff can get his Pit Bull.  Somewhere in between the time that recreational and rocket boards are being made for the public, kids' versions would hit the market.

Perhaps in the distant future this technology will exist.  By that time, I am sure time travel will be available as well. 
Anyways, if you wanted one, I hope you got your order in.

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