16 August 2011

McDonald's Happy Meals

Not sure if I have brought this up before, but I need to write something here other than bitching about telemarketers.  So, let me bitch about McDonald's Happy Meals.

It seems that McDonald's has been revamping their menu the past few years.  Often times these changes offer the customer a 'healthier' alternative to the classic menu.  The Happy Meal now has fruit to substitute for fries.  But, there is one item that I have wanted for years...and it is an easy addition to the menu.

McDonald's should have a Filet-O-Fish Happy Meal.

On occasion, I will go to McDonald's.  My usual is a Filet-O-Fish meal and two apple pies.  By the way, McDonald's fries are one of the best fries you can get...and their apple pies are damn good.  Their fish sandwich is not bad for the price you pay.  I am not here to bash on the quality of their food.  I understand their place in the market and the need they fill for billions across the world.

So, what if there is a child that does not like chicken or beef?  What if this kid likes fish, and wants a toy to go with it?  Very simple solution for the largest fast food chain in the world, add a Filet-O-Fish Happy Meal to the menu.  You say, "hey, it cost more for fish".  I am willing to pay the difference as others have paid the difference between a hamburger, cheeseburger, or McNugget Happy Meals.

I vaguely remember the introduction of the McNugget to the menu.  It may have been introduced before my time, but I for damn sure remember the introduction of the McNugget Happy Meal.  Way back in the early 80's you could only get a hamburger or cheeseburger Happy Meal.  Then suddenly they offered the McNugget Happy Meal.  Why can they not just do that with the Filet-O-Fish?  There is nothing new they need to do, just add it to the menu and make a spiffy commercial and sales would boom.  Oh, and train their employees to put a fish sandwich in the box.  There, now I have my meal and toy.

I have written to McDonald's about this before.  Obviously, there has yet to be a menu change.  Maybe I need to get Morgan Spurlock to make a documentary on the Happy Meal...maybe then, they will change their menu.

Trivia:  Filet-O-Fish Friday came about because of some religious thing about not having beef on Fridays.  So, Ray Cook offered a cheaper price for their fish sandwich on Fridays.  The tradition continues to this day. 

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PerryPie said...

That's actually a good point. And very interesting. Never thought about it before. Mind you, I don't generally have the filet-o-fish.