01 August 2011


We start off the month crowning a new champion. 

Normally, I wait until about the midway point of the month to pubish these.  But, since there was one record broken earlier in the month...and other one soon to be broken...I think the internet needs to know about these terrorists.  Check back daily hourly for updates on the record.

1 August 2011
   918-442-0729  Tulsa, OK  Nine times!  Today, I got the record breaking ninth call from the terrorist cell in Tulsa, OK.  Who knew?  I am interested in seeing who will step up and break this record.  Keep in mind that Tulsa can (and most likely) still continue to call...and I will still continue to ignore.  Others that have a head start can catch up, perhaps a new comer will step up.  But I am confident that a new champion will be crowned soon.  Actually looking forward to call number ten, tomorrow.

4 August 2011
   701-661-1006  ND, USA  Hello, North Dakota!  The record was broken by Tulsa earlier this week.  Today, I get a call from North Dakota.  I know this is going to sound like I am making this shit up, but the previous record was from Martin, ND.  Is North Dakota trying to break the record.  I kinda wish they would have used the same number from Martin, ND. Oh well, if you want to start from zero...you have a ways to go.  Oh, and fuck you!

   701-661-1006  ND, USA  Oh really, twice a day?  Did you think I happened to be away from my mobile phone the first time?  What were you thinking?  "Oh, we should try again, maybe we missed him and he really wants this useless shit we are selling."  Seriously, who buys from telemarketers?  Again, fuck you!

5 August 2011
   701-661-1006 ND, USA  Bright and early, first call of the day.  Three calls in less than 24 hours.  These terrorists can easily  break the record by the end of the month.

   701-661-1006 ND, USA  Make that four calls in less than 26 hours.  They are almost half way to the record and it is only the first week of the month.

   701-661-1006 ND, USA  Three times in one day, for a total of five in less than 30 hours.

8 August 2011
   701-661-1006 ND, USA  Nice to see they took the weekend to rest up before attacking full force on a Monday morning. 

   701-661-1006 ND, USA   It has gone beyond the point of annoying.  I wonder how long this can last.

   429-47  El Segundo, CA  Via text message.  Apparently, "Vicara Salon El Segundo offers text message reminders".  Well, here is a reminder...fuck off!

9 August 2011
   701-661-1006 ND, USA  Not letting some stupid text massage get in the way.  Right on schedule with their eighth call.  Looks like a new record will be broken by the end of the day.

   701-661-1006 ND, USA   The record is now tied.  And, they did it in four working days.  I expect another call in a few hours to lock their place in history.

10 August 2011
   701-661-1006 ND, USA  TEN!  The record is broken.  Just when I thought that it could not be done, these terrorists do it in record time. 

You can see the previous record holder and current record holder...all happening with ten days.

12 August 2011
   701-661-1006  ND, USA  Took a day off yesterday?   Yeah, making ten calls in five days is exhausting.  Maybe I will get muliple calls today to make up for yesterday and the upcoming weekend.  Hey, uh presidental candidates...stop bitching about Obama and bashing each other...put an end to telemarketers and I may consider reigistering to vote.

   701-661-1006  ND, USA  What if it is something really important and they really need to contact me?  Oh yeah...leave a fucking message. Twelve calls in six days.  At least they are keeping up with their average of two calls a day.

15 August 2011
   978-570-2446 MA, USA  Could this be a new contender for the title?

16 August 2011
   978-570-2446 MA, USA  This could get interesting.  Looks like North Dakota is slacking off a bit.

   978-570-2446 MA, USA  Folks, we could have another new champion by the end of the month.  That is three calls in two days, on a record pace.

17 August 2011
   978-570-2446 MA, USA  Fourth call in three days.  If they can make three calls a day, they record can be shattered by the end of the week.

18 August 2011
   987-570-2446 MA, USA  These guys are slipping.  They can still break the record but not sure if they can do it in record time.  Ugh, I hate making up sub categories for these fucking assholes.  Either go all out or do not bother calling me.  Hey, what the fuck am I saying.  Fuck you, stop calling me.

19 August 2011
   978-570-2446 MA, USA  Starting out early in the day, working on the record.  This usually means multiple calls. Call number six, in five days.

   701-661-1006  ND, USA  Holy shit!  What is this?  Coming out of retirement to school the new contender?  Consider my mind blasted.  Folks, I present you with call number thirteen.  Take note Massachusetts, this is how the game is played.  This could get interesting. 

   701-661-1006 ND, USA  I tell you, these guys do not give up.  They are either really dedicated or really fucking stupid.  I am not going to pick up. If only Tom Mabe would run for office.

   978-570-2446  MA, USA  We have ourselves the battle of the century, here.  Can the new comer fight back and regain momentum?  We shall see.

   978-570-2446  MA, USA  Fuck me with a do not call list, this is amazing.  For those keeping score, ND 14...MA 8.  And, I got five calls (so far) in one day.  Seriously, stay tuned.  There is no telling who will call me next.

22 August 2011
   701-661-1006 ND, USA  Ah, Monday.  So it begins, a new week of attacks from our native terrorists.
   701-661-1006 ND, USA  Call number 16, doubling up on Massachusetts.  This record will be hard to beat. Come on, Massachusetts, step up.

23 August 2011
   213-337-0334 Los Angeles, CA  We have a new contender...and a local one, too.

   505-506-1046 NM, USA   Who the fuck is calling me from New Mexico?  Pretty rare to get terrorist calls from the West Coast.  I guess the earthquake near the Colorado/New Mexico border did not get to these guys  

   480-359-4322 AZ, USA   Who the fuck is calling me from Arizona?  Another call from the West Coast.  Must be all the Arizona Iced Tea I drink.

24 August 2011
   213-337-0334 Los Angeles, CA   Hey, a second call...must be important.  Too bad the number comes up as a telemarker on Google. Nice try, go fuck yourself.

26 August 2011
   213-337-0334  Los Angeles, CA   Hey fuckface, you took yesterday off.  I am disappointed in your work ethic.  How do you expect to geet business if you slack off like that?  Oh yeah, telemarketing does not work.  You are wasting time and money that can be better spent by purchasing a broomstick and sticking up your ass...go fuck yourselves.

29 August 2011
   213-337-0334 Los Angeles, CA   Fourth call from this number.  I cannot think of anything witty to say about this, so there...and fuck you.

31 August 2011
   508-475-1968 MA, USA   Another caller from Massachusetts.  Litte late in the game, but there is hope.  I wonder what happened to the other fucknuts.

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