14 July 2011

Zack Synder Is A Hack

For the past few months, I have been subscribed to an online streaming movie thing. This gives me a chance to check out all these 'awesome' movies that everyone is talking about.

Apparently, I have horrible taste in movies.  Most of the time, I agree with the popular opinion.  In the past few years, there have been a handful of movies that everyone loves, but I hate.  Well, not really hate, just did not find them that great...or even good at all.  This may be another opportunity for another series here...that no one reads.  Although, I did review Tron:  Legacy, so this is a series.  I want to concentrate not just on one movie this time, but the director.  Zack Snyder.

Man, 300 was a load of garbage.  I just hated this movie.  Yeah, I only watched it once.  I barely got through the first and only time of watching this thing.  All the slow motion was driving me nuts.  I would post a video of what I am talking about, but that would require me looking at footage of this crappy movie.  The overuse of CG and regular to slow-mo fight scenes got really old, really quick.  Movie could have been told in about 45 minutes, a well produced one time TV show.  Easily one of the  most highly overrated movies I have ever seen.

Watchmen was a huge pile of dung, too.  I have no idea how long this movie was, but it just seemed like a four hour movie.  This one dragged on and on with boring 'action' sequences and monotone voice overs.  Again, over use of CG.  Let me restate, over use of bad CG.  Tell you a lot when the creator of the graphic novel the movie is based on, did not approve of the movie.

I have not seen Sucker Punch, but I doubt that even hot chicks in skimpy clothing can even save this.  It just seems like more of the same Snyder-vision with slo-mo action scenes, bad CG, lack of plot movement, etc.  I have to admit, when it comes available to stream, I want to watch this train wreck...just so I can bitch about it.  Maybe even write an in depth review on it.

Now, this guy is doing the new Superman movie?  As if the Superman curse is not enough.  Bryan Singer's Superman Returns was good, just not great and cannot even touch the awesomeness of the original Superman movie that was made in 1978 by Richard Donnor.  Even with Christopher Nolan as producer, I do not think that will help.  Does not matter who owns the car, if the driver sucks, you are not winning the race...no matter what flashy engine, pretty stickers, high performance tires,etc. you add, the car is going to crash.

Zack Snyder has great vision, but it should only be used for music videos. Anything longer than five minutes of Synder-vision (yeah, I totally made that up) is too much. One more...Hack Snyder, oh wait...instead of Snyder-vision, we should call it SnyderHacked or ZackHacked. Okay, done.

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