03 July 2011

Fashion Tips From Me, Part III

These days, if you are an average or ugly guy, there is hope for you.  It is easy for good looking guys to look good, well, because they look good.  Harder for them to look ugly.  Ah, but here is the loop hole.  Good looking guys, like some celebrities try to tone down their hotness by grooming themselves.  This is where you not so good looking men can met the good looking men half way.

Here is the trending thing, and fashion tip from me.  For average/ugly men to look good, there are a few simple things one can do.  First, grow out your hair.  This works best when you have a slight curl to your hair. Length should be about 3-4 inches, just barely touching your neck and over the ears.  Here is the key, the front should be longer.  When pulled straight the tips should be somewhere between eye level and tip of the nose.  That way, your hair can gracefully fall over your eyes and you can brush it away with your hand...in slow motion.  Chicks do this a lot.

For added bonus, go with the 'wet' look.  Apply some product to your hair that will make it look wet and messy, yet managed.  You will notice that a lot of A list celebrities grow their hair out on occasion.  Think Tom Cruise.  By the way, today is his birthday.  Coincidence?  Man, Tom Cruise is hot.

Happy Birthday, Tom!

 Next step, grow a five o'clock shadow or a short beard.  But, maintain it.  You need that "I have been partying for three days straight and I just came to work, so I did not have time to shave" look.  You do not want the "I have been sleeping on the streets for five days and have not taken a shower" look. A hot guy like Brad Pitt will grow out a 'homeless' type beard and hair.  But he is hot, he can pull that kinda thing off.  You, however, are not so fortunate.  Just grow out the facial hair a little.  So, groom it a bit.  For some reason, chicks dig the five o'clock shadow. 

Again, other hot celebrities do this.  Here is Tom rocking the bearded look:

Tom does not need it, but the smoke in the back may help you.

Next, the combo.  Grow out the hair and rock the beard.  Cover as much of your average/ugly mug as possible.  Kinda like when you want to sell a house, you cover up carpet stains with a huge rug and hang a picture over that big hole in the wall.  You want that Nate Berkis look.

Seriously, look at every men's magazine out there.  A vast majority of guys are rocking either the long hair or the scruffy facial hair on the cover, sometimes both.

I will have the combo, please.
Sometimes, this does not always work.  Here is an example of average/ugly people that try the Bradley Cooper look, but fail.

Whitney is funny and kinda hot.  Guy in back is neither.
What we have above is over compensation of these techniques.  He wants to say to the ladies, "hey, I am just as hot as Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, and Tom Cruise".  What it really says is, "I am trying way to hard to look half-way decent, but I am failing.  If not for this hot chick and my TV show, no woman would ever approach me".  I am sure is a nice guy and probably funny, but the look is not helping his situation.

Unfortunately for me, I am too impatient to grow out my hair and unable to grow facial hair.  So, I am stuck with this slightly below average mug.  I usually wear hooded sweatshirts to cover me up, doing my part to help society.

Stay tuned for more Fashion Tips from me...a guy who knows nothing about fashion or looking good.

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