07 May 2011

I Peed It Out

This way more information that you need.  Feel free to not read this post.

I went pee-pee this afternoon and the kidney stone came out.  There was obvious blood in my urine...like a light raspberry iced tea, instead of regular iced tea.  I did not feel it come out, but using the strainer, there were obvious foreign objects in my urine.  I guess passing it is the painful part, peeing it out is not that bad.  Not that I want to go through that again.  In the strainer was blood clots and the stone itself. Why do they call it a stone?  It was more like a grain of said, no bigger than this:  o. But, you can totally see that it was a hard little pebble.  Looks like a medium size grain of sand.

Yeah, I kept it in case the doctors want to analyse it.  My 'flank' still hurts, as does my back.  Hopefully, that was the end of it.  Amazing that such a small piece of mineral deposit caused that much pain.

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