16 May 2011


Funny that I have not received a call from these terrorists since the report of the death of Osama Bin Laden.  Clearly this is proof that telemarketers are somehow linked to terrorism.   I guess it took a while, two weeks, for them to get organized. Well, guess what America...the terrorists are back. 

Yes!  I am aware that there is a possibility that Homeland Security maybe tracking my blog.  Good!  They can use my list of numbers to trace these terrorist cells.  My only hope is that the Navy SEALS can put an end to telemarketers.

16 May 2011 
   701-625-5444  Martin, ND  You may recognize that number, they called twice last month.  So, this is number three.  Remember, the number of calls to beat is eight.  Fun Fact:  In the past month, there have been six searched for this number on google that lead here.  See, I am doing my part to end terrorism.

17 May 2011
   701-625-5444  Martin, ND  Closing in on eight, this is their fourth call.
   401-856-9077  Newport, RI  I hope they did not change numbers or agencies.  It would be tragic if Martin, ND did not break the record.

18 May 2011
   401-856-9077  Newport, RI  Oh, no.  I think Martin, ND has changed their number...oh, but wait.
   701-625-5444  Martin, ND  Call number five.  I have hopes that they can break the record before the end of the month.  Although, Newport, RI could be closing in.  This could be an exciting race.  Stay tuned.
   701-625-5444  Martin, ND  Number six.  Looks like they are trying to break the record, TODAY.

19 May 2011
   701-625-5444  Martin, ND Number seven.  One more and they tie the record.

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