17 November 2010

Theoren Fleury and I Are Best Friends

Well, at least on twitter...okay, not really.  So what, he once totally ignored me when I was trying to get his autograph, he was in back of a moving car.

But today, today!  This happened...no really, it did:

Not too nerdy, is it?
I know I am pretty awesome at Photoshop, but that is an actual screen shot of the "conversation" I had with Theoren Fleury.  Yeah, I know it was only through twitter...baby steps.  This was the first time I got a response from a celebrity.  Unless you count Pat Steinberg, over a year ago.  What?  You know, Pat Steinberg from Fan 960.


Anonymous said...

I love twitter..

mikeH said...

Dude, just watched this show last night with Theo:

Bravo! - Star Portraits

I think you can watch the episode online via this portal. Anyway, the episode was so-so, but Theo came across pretty honestly and pushed hard for his causes.

awildermode said...

Thanks Mike.

Video is having 'trouble' loading, but I found it. Will try again later...or it might be Canada only.