12 November 2010

Random Thoughs III - And Update On Recovery

Went to the see Dr. Shin today, he said everything was fine.  I had concerns because of pain in the palm of my hand...and not much pain in the wrist area, where all the action took place.  Well, if the doctor says there is nothing to worry about, I am going with it.  To quote a great movie, "you're the doc, Doc".

The best part is, he prescribed me more painkillers (morphine) and sleeping pills (ambien).  Woo-hoo!  And, I only need to go to physical therapy two times a week, instead of three...but for six more weeks.  Even the physical therapist says my range of motion is coming back faster than expected.  Oh, one of the exercises I do at home is stick handling with a ball.  Never too early to start conditioning for the next season.

I am doing fine, and everything looks good.  Feeling is slowly return back to my numby thumby and index finger.  Tendons and nerves are healing and 'rebooting', that is sending signals as pain. So, the pain is a good thing, feeling pain is better than feeling nothing, as in damaged nerves.  And, I am going to have a very cool scar.
Yes, I have a Tauntaun sleeping bag.
 Thanks to everyone for your well wishes.


I have lost eleven pounds so far since my injury.  Eleven pounds in five weeks, and I am not even trying.  Find me a diet plan that can achieve that...and throw in a piece of titanium.  

I am physically unable to grip anything with any real strength, so I am unable to drive.  I could drive one handed, but who are we kidding here, ahem..Asian driver.  This sucks, because the DeLorean is just sitting in the garage.  Sometimes, I will just sit in it and listen to my Back to the Future soundtrack.  I think I will start it up tomorrow, just to feel and hear the engine. Yeah, pretty sad.


Okay, let us get one thing straight.  Speaking of Back to the Future...okay, I promise this is the last Back to the Future post for a long while...26 October is NOT the anniversary of the release of the movie.  People, this was a summer movie.  Last time I checked, October is not a summer month.  July is a summer month, the movie to be released on 3 July 1985.

So all you nerds out there thinking you were celebrating the 25th Anniversary last month, you were only celebrating the date when the Time Machine first traveled through time...in the movie.  Oh, and it was the Blu-Ray release date.  One more thing, notice what date and time I started this post...who is the nerd, now?


X-ray of titanium plate and screws (also titanium)
One last thought.  I thought about getting a tattoo on my wrist of the silhouette of the titanium plate.  But, I am sort of a wuss.  Besides, I think I have had enough pain in that area.  And, it cost money.  Yeah, I know what is another hundred or two compared to the thousands already spent on that area?  Instead, I am going to somehow mark my hockey gloves of where my scars are.  Like with stitches or just marker it.  Maybe I should get a silhouette of the plate in vinyl and stick it on my car, like this Hot Wheels sticker I have on my door.

Hot Wheels decal on passenger door.  Only seen when door is open.

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PerryPie said...

Well that's good to hear. And you are a gigantic geek. Like huuuuuuge.