24 May 2010

2010 Stanley Cup Finals

Awesome! Just what I wanted...well, almost. The Sharks are gone, which means I can relax and watch the finals without a care who wins, as both teams have earned their spot in the finals. A look at the match up

(2) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (7) Philadelphia Flyers

Chicago - Last final was in 1992, when they were defeated in four games to Mario and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Last time they won the cup was in 1961. That was a long time ago, the longest drought between Cups at 49 years. These guys have the best chance of the two teams. They man handled the Sharks, in four games.

Now the crazy factors. Captain Johnathan Toews did not touch the Clarance Campbell Cup. Usually that is a good sign...but, they have the Hossa Curse. This will be the third straight year Hossa makes it to the final, he lost the last two seasons. Will the curse continue to haunt the team that signed Hossa?

Philadelphia - Last final was in 1997. They were also ousted in four straight games in the finals. Eric Lindros' best chance to become a 'legend', the Red Wings brought out the broom that spring. The last time they won the Cup was in 1975, 35 years. The Flyers were the last team to make it to the playoff this year as they clinched in the final game of the season...in a shootout. Just solidifies the theory of 'make in into the playoffs and anything can happen'. Would be quite the story if they win it all.

The crazy factors for the Flyers. Captain Mike Richards lifted and carried the Prince of Wales Trophy. Wait, I just thought of something...the last three years (Pittsburgh in 2008 and 2009, and Philadelphia in 2010) the Wales trophy stayed in Pennsylvania.

My lame prediction. First, the Conn Smythe. Philadelphia's goaltender Michael Leighton has a good chance, if the Flyers win...or in Flyer tradition, he could win it Hextall Style. Also, Chris Pronger is playing like Chris Pronger. For Chicago, Captain Johnathan Toews is the leading scorer of the playoffs, so far. Dustin Byfuglien has shown his Mr. Clutch in the playoffs. Any of these four can win the Conn Smythe.

As for the Cup, Hossa Curse is lifted and trophy curse is reinstated as Chicago wins it in six.

Although, it would be damn funny if Hossa three-peats in the final as a loser, again.

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