26 June 2008

Marty McFly's 2015 Nike Shoes.

Nike to release Hyperdunk this summer...in 2015 (Back to the Future II) colours. My life will soon be complete. Face it, the chances of me getting a Delorean are slim. This is the next best thing. From what I have heard, only limited to 500.

Look, I do not ask for much...but I would love to get my feet into a pair of these. Feel free to get me a pair of theThanks, I am a size 8US (7UK, 41EUR, 26cm).

UPDATE: marqueesole has them for sale in size 9...for only $2015.

UPDATE 2: Now, they are only $500 (plus $30 shipping). With a thick pair of socks, I think I can fit a size 9.

UPDATE 3: Price back up to $2015...but are SOLD OUT.

UPDATE 4: Here are some better pictures that I am too lazy to steal.

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