22 April 2008

Stanley Cup Playoffs - Round 2

Okay, as usual I am wrong. My predictions for the first round were pretty good, but not good enough, as my team lost. I got three out of four right in the East, and two out of four in the West. Five out of eight.

On aside note, I really dislike the way the NHL reshuffles the brackets after each round to favour the higher seed. In a normal bracket, the winner of 1 vs. 8 plays the winner of 4 vs. 5, while winner of 2 vs. 7 plays winner of 3 vs. 6. In the NHL, if 1, 5, 7, and 6 win their series...1 would play 7, while 5 plays 6. Confused? Yeah, so am I and everyone who follows the NHL playoffs.

So, without further delay, here are my predictions for the second round. Again, these are not based on any statistical, scientific, or historical logic. They are simply based on nonsense, which is not far from what you would read anywhere else out there.


(1) Montreal vs. (6) Philadelphia - Montreal, still want a Canadian team in the final
(2) Pittsburgh vs. (5) NY Rangers - Pittsburgh, NHL is pissed that they could not get a Crosby vs. Ovechkin match up in the playoffs. They, the NHL, will do everything in their power to push the Penguins in the Eastern Finals with Montreal. You know, good for ratings.


(1) Detroit vs. (6) Colorado - Colorado, enough with the Red Wings already. But this should be the best series of the four.
(2) San Jose vs. (5) Dallas - Dallas, simply because I HATE SAN JOSE!!!

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