17 February 2008

New Word

I just 'invented' a new word. I did some research and more research, and it looks like I will be getting a Nobel Prize next year. But first the back story of how I came up with the word.

As you know I am a huge hockey fan. My favourite team is the Calgary Flames. Like most sports entities, a player and/or team have one team that love/hate to play. The fans from both sides love to hate each other. For the Flames, this team is the Edmonton Oilers. This war between Provincial 'rivals' is called the Battle of Alberta. Whenever the Flames and Oilers play, it is not only big news in their respected cities, it makes headlines in Alberta and all over Canada. This rivalry is not just in hockey, it goes for EVERYTHING!

In the past few years, the Flames have also raged war on Division rival, the Vancouver Canucks. Much like the Battle of Alberta, you can expect big hits, fights, and crazy fans. Oh, and a pretty good hockey game. Though not as chaotic as Edmonton and Calgary, Vancouver and Calgary is pretty exciting. Last night, there was a game with the Oilers in Vancouver. Fights broke out, and it was if the Oilers were playing Calgary.

Here we have three Western Canada teams all in the same (Northwest) Division, in a three way war. A threesome, a manage a toi of hockey, if you will. Which leads me to the word that will win me a Nobel Prize....


tri-val-ry [trahy-vuh l-ree]
-noun, plural-ries

  1. One who attempts to equal or surpass another, while attempting to surpass a third party as well, or who pursues the same object as the other two; a competitor.
  2. One that equals or almost equals another and/or a third entity in a particular respect.
  3. the action, position, or relation of a rival or rivals; competition: trivalry between Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.
There you have it: trivalries. Use it well, use it often. But remember, you heard it here first...Nobel Prize here I come.

UPDATE: I entered the word and definition at urbandictionary.com.

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walkinvisible said...

can you GET a nobel prize for inventing a word ?? if so, you've got my vote....