22 August 2007

Finally got back on the bike

After a month, I finally rode the bike again. I guess it is "like riding a bike". Anyway, I will keep this short.

I only rode about 12 miles. But it was 12 miles in Chino Hills. They call it Chino HILLS, because of the damn hills. My first 1.5 - 2 miles was pure climbing. Not a smart thing to do if you have not ridden in a month. To add to the difficulty, it was 100 degrees out. No, really. It was 100 degrees in Chino Hills on Saturday. Check the weather.

Of course, with hills like this, descending was fast. Even with my top speed of 38.8 mph, the ascents made my average for the day a whopping 11.1 mph. I only rode for about an hour and a half, the heat was killing me.

Anyway, I was on a business trip last week. I will get into that later, as the subject may be top secret. Also, we are still internet less at our new place. Once we get that, I will (hopefully) be updating this a bit more.

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