06 August 2007

3 weeks and counting...

I have not been on my bike in three weeks. I can feel myself getting out of shape. We are in a middle of a move. I guess I am getting my exercise from hauling boxes from one place to another. One never knows how much crap one has until said person has to move. I have a lot of stuff. Once I get settled, I will start to sell some of my junk. I doubt anyone will want any of my crap.

This week I am on call for jury duty.

Next week I fly to Stamford, CT on a business trip.

More on that later, I think it might be "Top Secret".

I got the move going on for the past three weeks as well as "supervising" our contractor in our remodeling projects...when am I ever going to get back on my bike?!?

...maybe I should sneak out this week and get a few miles in...maybe.

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