10 June 2007

Semi Family Reunion

I just got back from my cousin's wedding. Yeah, I look pretty good in a suit, I should be a model...a "before" model. Kinda tired after driving all day.

In a nutshell, I saw aunts and uncles I have not seen in 18 YEARS!!! Also saw cousins I have not seen since 1989 (that is when Calgary won the Stanley Cup). There was a great surprise as one cousin, whom I have never seen, also showed up. This was the first time my dad and his three sisters and two brothers were together since 1996.

Dad's siblings, above L to R: Cheung Jing Yee - Second oldest sister (third oldest sibling) , Milton Kwan Yee Cheung- my dad (he is the oldest), Thuy Nguyen- bride and Newman Yat Hin Cheung - groom (my cousin), Cheung Kwan Man - second oldest brother (father of the groom, fifth oldest), Cheung Sok Han - oldest sister (second oldest), Cheung Wing Yee - youngest sister (fourth oldest), and Gary Kwan Wing Cheung - youngest sibling.

The cousins from across the globe: Garfield Hing Pong Lai (from Hong Kong), me (born in San Francisco), Gigi Chu Ling Wong (HK), Thuy, Newman (born in HK), Eric Cheung (born in Toronto, the one I have never seen)

My aunt from Hong Kong and her husband, Wong Kwok Yan.

Originally from HK, now living in Toronto: My uncle Gary Cheung, his wife Lancia, and their son Eric Cheung.

I will post more pictures later, as soon as I get some from my cousins. It was great to see all my family again. Amazingly, I they all look pretty much the same as I remembered. There are four more cousins, also from HK and Toronto, that did not make it. I hope someday soon there will be one huge reunion...hey, maybe in November.

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