01 August 2022


1 August 2022

  310-261-7455  Santa Monica, CA - Starting early.  First day of the month and we get a call.  July was a relatively slow month.  Maybe the heat of the Summer is getting to these bots...maybe not.  Here we go for August.  Fuck you!

  424-888-0688 - Desperately trying to get us to respond with his bullshit


Come on!  Everyone knows that the proper way to get responses is to send nudes.  Fuck you!

5 August 2022
  412-282-3870 Pittsburgh, PA - While this may seem like a possible wrong number butt text, you know we are leaning towards scamming through cold calling or cold texting.

Spoiler alert:  There is no one here named Lucile.  Although, there is a nice barbeque place with the same name.  Some barbeque would be nice, but we get this shit message, instead.  

Maybe we just show up to the pool party.  Fuck you!

6 August 2022
  310-644-1707  Hawthorne, CA -  Fuck you!

8 August 2022
  310-299-4023  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh, you must be one of those telemarketers with a spoofed number. Fuck you!

10 August 2022
  310-309-6501  Santa Monica, CA - "Quirks Marketing Research" comes up in a search.  What does that tell you?  Fuck you!

  732-779-0359  Toms River, NJ - Normally, when we get a unique name like "Toms River" we go off on stupid tangents about how goofy the name is.  Like, why is it "Toms" and not "Tom's"?  Was there some clerical error in documenting the name?  How does Tom feel about this?

Luckily, we got a voicemail, so we can analyze it...but not analyze too deep, since we are really stuck on who Tom was.


Spoiler Alert:  We do not have an existing account with Comcast Xfinity.  So, being qualified for 50% off is highly unlikely.  How about you give everyone 50% off telemarketing shit?  We can assure you that everyone is qualified for it.  Nice try, fuck you!

11 August 2022
  213-861-2798  Los Angeles, CA - Guess what...search results:  Robocaller Warning!  We are not surprised.  Fuck you!

  564-465-7468  Orting, WA - You know the drill.  Spam Risk and Call Protect.  Fuck you!

19 August 2022
  888-218-4631 - We go a voicemail.  This was so scammy, the phone had trouble transcribing the lies.
Fuck you!

20 August 2022
  305-396-1118 - We got another one these "Hello" messages.  


It appears this might be from a spoofed number, but we seriously want to start replying with dick pics.  Fuck you!

  937-317-1920 - Another one just over an hour later

This number did not turn up any searches. Maybe it is safe to send a dick pic.  Some day on the front page, you will see the headline "Thousands of penis images are being circulated by text message as a result of telemarketing scam".  That will be us.

Fuck you!

21 August 2022
  +49 4287 693461  Heeslingen, Lower Saxony, Germany - Yes, it says "unknown" but the call came from this number, and apparently all the way from Germany. We have voicemail to make this even more questionable.

+49 4287 693461

A call from Germany is already suspect. Listening to the voicemail or reading the transcription, there are some red flags.  First, we are not expecting any "international express" From Germany.  

Second, "press one or Chinese, two for English".  Why is Chinese the first option if the message is in English?  Oh, and why is Deutsch not an option if this call is aus Deutschland kommen?  

Fuck you in all the languages!

22 August 2022
  +49 8533 056674  Germany - Same message as yesterday, different number.

+49 8533 056674
Okay, maybe one of these is legit.  But, one would think that a call with the same 'legit' message would originate from the same source (source as in number).  This is no doubt so sort o scam.  Fuck you!

  +420 723 047 442  Czechia -  Wait, what?  Another one from Czechia?  We will give you bonus points for having the 420 area code.  But you really need some 69 in there.

By the way, this was flagged by the phone as Spam Risk, and Call Protect.

+420 723 047 442

Yep, same message.  It seems that this scam/message is being used across Europe.  At least, they are linked to European numbers.  Where will the next call come from?  Will Chinese and English be the only language options?  Will there be a 'native' language option? Fuck you!

23 August 2022
  541-772-7711  Medford, OR - Telemarketer call with robo voicemail regarding spam email...


Fuck you!

24 August 2022
  310-850-1632 Gardena, CA - We got you, Call Protect got you. Fuck you!

  541-772-7711  Medford, OR - Same guys from yesterday.  Same message as yesterday.  Fuck you

  615-551-5770 - They only called nine times.  


Based on a quick search, this is a Fake Amazon Robocall.  Fuck you, nine times!

  +420 723 047 442  Czechia - Got another one of these.  Yep, same message.  We were hoping for a call from another European country.  Fuck you!

  573-520-3143  Russellville, MO - Well, at least this is from another country.  This is the same message as those from the European numbers.  What is going on here?


This?  This is your new innovative approach to scamming people?  Come on, you guy suck big donkey dick.  Come back to us when you have something better to present.  Oh, pro tip.  Calling the same number with the same message, every few hours, is not a great plan.  Even if you switch it up by altering the origin of the number.  Fuck you!

25 August 2022
  800-225-8692 - Wow!  Okay, so they are changing things up a bit.  Going with an 800 number.  But, it is  the same damn message...at least the same part about "press one for Chinese and press two for English"  Guessing those European numbers are expensive.  Fuck you!

  800-225-2407 - Another one about two hours later.  Slight change in number...same fucking message.  For those keeping track, this should be the ninth call this month, from various numbers, regarding the same subject.  Can we make it to ten for August?  Fuck you!

26 August 2022
  800-225-0733 - We have ten!  This is the tenth call this month that left the same damn message:


Something to look out for, these 800-225-XXXX numbers are just fishing.  

We still have time to reach fifteen by the end of the month.  Tune in next week for the fun.  Fuck you!

  800-225-5089 - Another one, make that eleven.  Different number, same message.  Fuck you!

27 August 2022
  800-225-6036 - We were originally aiming for ten of these calls, we well surpassed that.  Heck, we might just get ten just from these 800-225-XXXX numbers.

Here we go with one on a Saturday.  Fuck you!

  800-225-8804 - Second call today from the same group.  This makes six call from our favourite group of telemarketers.  Oh yeah, Call Protect is jumping in and flagging these.  Like, yeah...after six calls, we get they feeling these are a little suspect.  Fuck you!

  646-481-1262 - Interesting, this number traces back to a Brooklyn Maid Company. Is there number being spoofed?  Cannot remember the last time we were in Brooklyn.  Their number may have been 'lifted' by telemarketers since they have it posted on their social media pacge.


Should we reply with a dick pic?  Fuck you!

29 August 2022
  323-615-2456  Los Angeles, CA  -  First result that pops up...Robocaller Warning.  Fuck you!

  800-225-8882 - Oh, of course... these mother fuckers!  That makes it seven from these numbers.  Three more to go before the end of the month. Fuck you!

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