01 January 2022


 We do know why we keep doing this.  There really is no point to all of this.  But, here we are again, another month, another year.

1 January 2022

  dulcedevallet3492@hotmail.com - Wasting no time, and coming in the the first day of the year...we have this gem. 


We are fascinated by these creative names for email address. Fuck you!

3 January 2022

   f73w4yw8@aol.com - We can go to our usual banter about the email address, or the mass distributions list.  


But, sending this at 2:16 AM is a bit rude.  Fuck you!

4 January 2022
  770-539-6628  Gainsville, GA - First call of the year from a number...again, most likely a spoofed number.  But, nice to see that traditional telemarketing is back in the game. Fuck you!

  kalama9900@gmail.com - Well, that did not take long


Maybe "Kalama 9900" is the name of the machine that generates these texts to hundreds of people.  Four days in to the month and we have three of these, only taking off on a Sunday. Fuck you!

5 January 2022
  512-447-0472  Austin, TX - Okay, we think there is a pattern developing.  At least for this week. Start the day with call from a spoofed number, then follow up with a text from random email address.  On the edge of our seats waiting for that text.  Fuck you!

  346-295-4970  Houston, TX - We have waited about a week for this.  First 'free gift' for paying our December bill.


First Austin, now Houston.  Surely Dallas is next.  Maybe tomorrow, since this came in at almost 10PM.  Who knows, we have been known to receive calls/texts at 2AM.  Fuck you!

8 January 2022
  888-731-1749 - One of those Saturday morning calls that we all love.  Remember back in the day, when you looked forward to Saturday Morning Cartoons?  Now, we have to deal with Saturday morning telemarketer calls.  Fuck you!

  346-295-5537 - Ha, check this one out:


What browsing history?  Basically a history of searches for numbers that text or call us.  Wait, is this the virus you are talking about?  Fuck you!

11 January 2022
  310-599-1001  Compton, CA - Ha!  These guys call so much, we immediately recognized the 310-599-xxxx number.  Welcome back, and fuck you!

12 January 2022
  amysnmay888@gmail.com - Fucking 5:40 AM!  Uh, 'tight wet juicy ready to play'?  Wait, water balloons?


Need to address the email address...see what I did there?  "amysnmay888" sounds so Asian.  So, Asian water balloons?  Fuck you!

  904-268-8474  Jacksonville, FL - Going old school with this one.  Another number spoofed by telemarketers. Fuck you!

14 January 2022

  332-262-8129  New York - At least this is something new.  As far as we can tell, one does not need to 'update membership' with Netflix.  There is no "membership".  When they change terms, it automatically 'updates' your account.  Either you are subscribed to their service, or not.  


Well...same shit, different asshole. Fuck you!

  833-830-3692 - Yes, three times.  Caught by Call Protect


Here is something interesting we found whilst doing a quick search.  The 833 area code is not assigned to any region, as it is assigned to toll free number, much like 800, 877, 888, etc. numbers.  While we did not find anything on this number in our search, the fact that Call Protect blocked this, automatically puts this in the telemarketer category.  Calling three times in less than a minute did not do them any favours. Fuck you!

15 January 2022
  301-353-1626  Rockville, MD - Damn, they named a city after Dwayne Johnson?  Fuck you!

16 January 2022
  619-709-9430  San Diego, CA - You fools are behind.  We are half way into January and this only the second 'free gift' text.


We have had plenty of other more creative scams this month, and they have been more consistent.  Get your shit together.  Fuck you!

  951-526-5748  Temecula, CA - Well, you get what you asked for. 


Coming in at 11:57PM...and what is this 'Cheers' thing?  Are the robots from the UK, now?  Fuck you!

17 January 2022
  747-262-8427  Los Angeles, CA - We have another one about nine hours later.  The bots are really turning it on.


We could get to ten by the end of the month. Fuck you!

   707-385-6884  Northern California - Oh, here we go! 

Our fifth one of the month.  More impressive, four in two days.  Bring it.  Fuck you!

18 January 2022
  310-599-9031  Compton, CA - Back to their old ways?  Do we get a free gift?  Fuck you!

   928-844-9011  Arizona - Oh, there you are...number six.

Fuck you!

19 January 2022
  305-339-7991  Miami, FL -  Now, what the fuck is this shit?


We can only hope that "b-t-c" means "big thick cock".   Fuck you!

  714-258-9165  Santa Ana, CA - Quick search and this numbers leads to nothing.  If it was a legit business, the search would lead to that business.  Well, even if non-legit, the search should lead somewhere.

Robot voice does not help.  Fuck you!

21 January 2022
  657-385-6179  Anaheim, CA - This is how we start the weekend


Variation on the text, no "Enjoy" or "Cheers". How about a...Fuck you!

23 January 2022
  vastroabminafda@gmail.com -  So when you mention "clearpussy", do you mean transparent?  Would we get in trouble if we replied back with a dick pic?  


We have been thinking about it.  What if it is not a human penis, but like an animals wank?  It would be more like sending a 'nature pic'. Think quokka, that just happens to have a huge throbbing cock.  Fuck you!

24 January 2022
  716-281-2617  Silver Creek, NY - Dude, you got caught by Call Protect.  You lose.  Fuck you!

27 January 2022
  530-676-3483  Shingle Springs, CA - We know this is a spoofed number.  Fuck you!

  704-372-7264  Charlotte, NC - Hey, we got another one of them calls.  Still waiting on our free gift for paying our December bill.  Fuck you!

28 January 2022
   407-704-1263  Orlando, FL - Spoofy McSpoofface.  Coming in at 6:18am, apparently all the way from a group home in Florida.  We just watched Derek, a series from Rick Gervais.  Maybe one of those folks called about reviving a dead bird.  Fuck you!

   419-407-5323  Toledo, OH - Guess we are going back to traditional spoofed numbers, with no messages.  Really what is the point of all this?  Fuck you!

31 January 2022
   223-233-2163  Spring Grove, PA - Really, what is the point?   This was caught by the phone as a Spam Risk...and caught by Call Protect.  Is this shit still working in 2022?  Fuck you!

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